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Gotham Knights’ Court of Owls Explored In Behind the Scenes Video

The deadly Court Of Owls is explored in a new Gotham Knights trailer, offering fans a taste of what to anticipate when the game...

Fortnite & DC Comics Unveil The Batman Who Laughs Skin

Fortnite has released a playable guest character skin based on The Batman Who Laughs, just in time for the upcoming Batman/Fortnite: Foundation crossover. Fortnite is...

DC’s first NFT collection launches in October for FanDome 2021

We're a touch quite a fortnight faraway from FanDome 2021, a free virtual fan event for DC fans. This year's event comes with something...

Batman/Fortnite crossover gets DC Comics graphic novel release

Earlier this summer, DC Comics and Epic Games teamed up to release a series of comic books supporting Batman's Fortnite universe because the main...