Batman/Fortnite crossover gets DC Comics graphic novel release

Batman/Fortnite crossover gets DC Comics graphic novel release

Earlier this summer, DC Comics and Epic Games teamed up to release a series of comic books supporting Batman’s Fortnite universe because the main character. The magazine series features six issues, except for diehard fans who want more longevity which looks better on the shelf; DC has released a graphic novel edition with all six stories.

The DC Comics series Batman/Fortnite involves Batman and several other popular characters from Gotham City after being sucked onto the battle royale island. Unfortunately, Batman’s memory was wiped; he doesn’t remember his identity, where he came from, or the way to revisit home.

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The character faces off with others from his universe, also as Fortnite characters like Fishstick and Bandolier. The story is told over six magazine issues, each shedding light on the broader Fortnite storyline and how the dimensional rift plays into the plot. The stories are a solid addition for those that are invested in Epic’s game world.

DC teases that its Batman/Fortnite comics reveal plot points that weren’t revealed within the game or elsewhere. The titles were released in physical copies for every issue and as digital copies for those with DC’s subscription service.

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The graphic novel contains all six problems with the Batman/Fortnite comics crossover in one edition, making it easier to stay on the shelf as a collectible. The graphic novel is rated T for Teen and is priced at USD 24.99. Fans can devour a replica of the graphic novel from DC’s online shop now.