How to: Fix We’re Sorry, but Something Went Wrong Instagram Error

How to: Fix We’re Sorry, but Something Went Wrong Instagram Error

Here we can see, “How to: Fix We’re Sorry, but Something Went Wrong Instagram Error”

  • Something went wrong message Instagram errors frequently result from serious account difficulties and connectivity problems.
  • To begin with, try logging in with your Facebook credentials.
  • The Instagram app for Windows 10 is a fantastic substitute that offers a distinctive experience.
  • Temporarily deactivating your account is a very effective way to resolve this problem.

One of the most widely used social networking sites, Instagram, also permits the usage of multiple accounts. The fact that Instagram Live is accessible to Windows 10 PC and mobile users is even more astounding.

Even though you can’t launch the software normally, it could occasionally not function as intended.

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Users reported having a program crash or being unable to load any posts. Based on what we discovered, problems can also occur while sending DMs to friends.

When attempting to connect, Instagram will send you the following message:

We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again.

We completely comprehend how annoying this might be because it may result in the platform crashing or just prevent you from posting on Instagram.

To swiftly resolve this irritating problem, we only chose the best options. To find them all, be sure to keep reading our guide. But first, let’s look at some typical causes of the mistake before anything else.

Why does the Instagram error: Sorry, something went wrong appear?

Instagram issues can be caused by two major factors: a downed service or a problem with your Internet connection.

You should check to see if Instagram is down globally before presuming there are bugs. Yes, keep in mind that sometimes it has problems on a worldwide scale and other times it only impacts particular areas.

The most frequent causes of the Instagram issue are account glitches. We apologize, but it seems like something went wrong.

How can I fix the Sorry, something went wrong error?

1. Make sure that Instagram server is available

Instagram servers may occasionally become momentarily unavailable. A live outage map online or asking your friends if they are experiencing the same problem will help you verify this.

Make sure the issue affects your account and not the Instagram server as a whole.

2. Login through Facebook

    1. OPen the Instagram app
    2. Go to Log in with Facebook and click.
    3. Check if the error still exists now.

Remember that you could only do this if you have previously linked the two accounts. Therefore, linking your Facebook and Instagram accounts is advised.

The Sorry Something Went Wrong Instagram problem can be swiftly fixed and avoided by linking them.

Since Facebook acquired Instagram, the relationship between the two has taken on a lot of significance. Even certain functions, such as Instagram advertisements, are available through Facebook.

Make careful to verify and attempt the other choices if these didn’t work for your scenario.

3. Use the Windows 10 Instagram app

    1. Open the Windows 10 operating system on your device.
    2. Press the Windows key, then look for and launch the Microsoft Store.
    3. Open the Microsoft Store, type “Instagram” into the search bar, and then select the first suggestion.
    4. Click the Get button now.
    5. Follow the on-screen directions to install the application.
    6. Check if the problem is still there by logging in.

4. Temporarily disable your account

    1. Visit Instagram’s web version and find your profile account.
    2. Then select Edit Profile.
    3. Click the Temporarily disable my account link at the bottom of the page after you have scrolled down.
    4. Wait two to three hours.
    5. After some time has passed, turn on your Instagram account to see if the issue has been fixed.

We apologize, but something didn’t work out. Instagram errors could happen at any time; therefore temporarily suspending your account can fix any bugs.

Your pictures, comments, and likes will be hidden if you select this option until you reactivate your profile. Moreover, remember that you can only disable your Instagram account using a computer or mobile browser.

5. Uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app

You can simply delete and reinstall the Instagram app, but you must use the Windows 10 version of the program for this method to work.

The app will only be deleted if you uninstall it from your computer or smartphone. There will still remain all of your stuff, including your images, tags, likes, and comments.

Reinstalling Instagram will log you out, so you must sign back in. When you use the app again, everything will be the same because the process makes no changes to your profile.

6. Contact Instagram Help Center

    1. Go to your profile after opening Instagram on Windows 10.
    2. Select the gear-shaped icon next to Settings and additional options.
    3. To report a problem is an option.
    4. Briefly describe what took place. Remember that you can also contribute files that provide screenshots of the issue.
    5. Select Send Report.

Check out some others Instagram problems

You may run into various annoyances with Instagram, and the Something went wrong error being just one example. Check out the list of the most typical ones that follows:

Posting issues – these can happen randomly or as a result of bad updates. You won’t be able to see, load, or upload posts.

Issues with Facebook permissions – You won’t be able to publish from one Facebook account to another if you unintentionally deleted Instagram.

Comment prolems – Occasionally, you may find that the app prevents you from leaving a remark on a particular post or from tagging numerous persons in a single post. You should be aware that comments with more than five username mentions, more than thirty hashtags, or comments that have been posted several times won’t be accepted.

You can’t follow any more people on Instagram error –  this happens when you attempt to follow too many accounts. Keep in mind that Instagram has a restriction on this. It might temporarily block you from acting like a bot if you quickly try contacting lots of individuals.

Story problems – You might not be able to load stories if Instagram crashes. Look at some helpful fixes for when the Instagram story has trouble posting.

The Action Blocked message – As previously indicated, the software typically restricts users for questionable account conduct. Never hesitate to take action if you ever encounter the Instagram action being blocked; try later issue again.

Is Instagram one of the most popular social platforms?

Instagram is still among the most widely used social media sites, even though its users occasionally experience strange problems. Look at these figures to see evidence of that:

As you can see, behind Facebook, Youtube, and Whatsapp, Instagram is the fourth most popular social media site globally. The 2021 survey found that Instagram has 1.300 million active users worldwide.

Therefore, despite whatever problems it may cause, the software we’ve presented will continue to rank among the most popular social media tools.

You’ve already seen some potential answers that could assist you in resolving the Sorry, and there was a problem with Instagram. Reconnecting the accounts can remedy the problem if you discover that your Instagram account is already linked to a Facebook page, but this isn’t the only advice to use.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why does Instagram state that something went wrong and we’re sorry?

Something went wrong message Instagram errors frequently result from serious account difficulties and connectivity problems. To begin with, try logging in with your Facebook credentials. The Instagram app for Windows 10 is a fantastic substitute that offers a distinctive experience.

2. Why does trying to log in to Instagram always result in an error message?

The most frequent causes of errors are a poor internet connection, poor internet coverage, issues with Instagram servers, mistakes in your login information, a violation of Instagram’s terms of service, or simply an out-of-date version of Instagram.

3. Why does Instagram keep telling me to try again later?

When the Instagram police believe your behaviour to be inappropriate, they will display the “Try Again Later” error. Instagram doesn’t exactly clear the air, but it gives you an indication of what you might have done incorrectly to understand the message, such as following or unfollowing an excessive number of users quickly.

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