How to Activate Windows 11 on a Virtual Machine

How to Activate Windows 11 on a Virtual Machine

Here we can see, “How to Activate Windows 11 on a Virtual Machine”

  • You may use the Personalization features and more when you activate Windows 11 on a virtual machine.
  • Installing and activating Windows 10 on the virtual machine is the recommended course of action, followed by an update to Windows 11.
  • The new OS can also be installed while using your current key only.

Without a doubt, Windows 11 has stirred up a lot of controversy among users across the globe, and as more and more people download and install it, there are more and more inquiries.

How to activate Windows 11 on a virtual machine is one that is crucial. That is due to the fact that many of you choose to install it in a secure setting.

However, some of you have discovered that the Windows 11 copy was not enabled after installation on a virtual machine, preventing you from using some of the capabilities.

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Why wasn’t Windows 11 activated?

The system should typically use the product key from Windows 10 if you upgrade your Windows 10 computer to Windows 11.

The product key won’t be recognized, though, if you don’t have a copy of Windows 10 that has been activated or if you evade the TPM 2.0 verification.

Using an unauthorized ISO from an insecure domain can also result in this. There are several of those; however we strongly advise against purchasing one because they are unquestionably unsafe.

If everyone agrees on the cause of the issue, let’s check to see if your copy of Windows 10 is active and obtain the key.

How can I find out my Windows 10 product key?

      1. To start Command Prompt with full access, click the Start button, type cmd, and then choose Run as administrator from the search results.
      2. Please enter the following command line by typing it or pasting it.
        • wmic path softwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey
      3. If you don’t see any outcomes, either your copy of Windows isn’t enabled, or it’s not a genuine copy. The only option in this situation is to purchase a copy of Windows 10 or Windows 11 and utilize the key.
      4. If the product key is visible, copy it for later use.

    You can proceed and activate Windows 11 on the virtual system now that you have your product key.

    How can I activate Windows 11 on a virtual machine?

    1. Update Windows 11 from Windows 10 on your virtual machine

      1. Start your virtual machine and Windows 10. For this demonstration, we utilized VMware Workstation, but the procedure is the same for any other virtual computer.
      2. Select Activation settings from the search results after clicking the Start button and typing “activation.”
      3. Windows 10 Pro is activated, as you can see in our screenshot, but you would experience the same issues if the OS copy is a pirated version. Therefore, click the Enter product key button if your copy isn’t activated, and click the Change product key if it’s a fake key.
      4. In either case, a popup titled Enter product key will appear, requiring you to enter a genuine product key before pressing the Next button.
      5. Next, pick Check for Updates from the search results after clicking the Start button and typing update.
      6. Click on the Windows Insider Program in the left pane by scrolling down.
      7. Click the Get started button in the right pane at this point.
      8. When prompted, link a Microsoft account by clicking the link icon and logging in.
      9. Choose the account, then move forward.
      10. Next, select either the Beta Channel or the Development Channel. If you want to immediately obtain Windows 11, these are your only options. Selecting Confirm after selecting Option 1 is advised.
      11. In the following box, select Confirm, and then select Restart.
      12. After the restart, click the Start button, type “update,” and then choose the result from the list to access the Windows Update menu.
      13. Click the Check for updates button to continue.
      14. You ought to be able to see the new Windows 11 Insider Preview build that is now downloading after the search.

    After that, you will be invited to restart your computer, and the installation of Windows 11 will begin.

    In the end, Windows 11 will be installed on your virtual computer with its fresh and activated copy.

    2. How to insert the product key in Windows 11

      1. Start your virtual machine running Windows 11. For this instruction, we used VMware Workstation, but the procedure is the same for any other virtual computer.
      2. Select Activation settings from the results list after clicking the Search button in the taskbar and typing “activation”.
      3. As you can see from our screenshot, the Window copy is not acting according to the information in the Activation status box.
      4. To change your product key, click the Change button from the below drop-down menu.
      5. You must then enter the Windows 10 product key and click the Next button. The system will activate it if the product key is legitimate.

    If the Windows 10 key doesn’t function for some reason, install a copy of Windows 10 on your virtual machine, activate it with a working key, and then upgrade to Windows 11 as instructed in the first step.

    How can I get a Windows 10 key?

    The only way to fix the issue if you don’t already have a valid copy of Windows 10 is to purchase one. However, we advise staying away from haphazard websites that might be offering pirated content.

    The Microsoft Store, available in Windows 10 or 11, is the ideal place to browse for options.

    Naturally, there are other stores that offer genuine copies, so if you can locate one in which you have faith, go ahead and buy it.

      1. Visit the download page specifically for the Microsoft Store.
      2. Find the product that’s right for you by scrolling down and clicking the Shop now button of your choice.
      3. Next, decide if you want the USB or the download option. The latter indicates that you will receive the real USB stick along with the kit, and delivery of that will take a few days. Last but not least, press the Add to cart button.
      4. Now click the Review and checkout option unless you still wish to buy more items.
      5. Verify the purchase in the next window, then click the Checkout button.
      6. Select the preferred payment method.
      7. You must fill out the credit/debit card details or any other information necessary for your chosen payment method. Following the transfer, you will receive a download link and a copy of your license, which you may use to activate the software.

    You will be able to purchase a license for Windows 11 when Microsoft officially releases it to the public in October. In this instance, you simply need to wait a little longer.

    How to make sure I get a genuine copy of Windows?

    There are times when you can visit a store and buy a Windows license for a ridiculously low price. So, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

    When you need to do an upgrade like this, you can use the product key, and it will function well until you realize it isn’t a genuine key.

    The solution to this issue is to carefully examine the warning indicators and consider a few important elements before completing the purchase.

    ➡ Use only certified stores

    Never purchase a Windows license from a bogus source. This holds true for any product you wish to purchase, not just a product key.

    Avoid a store if you don’t know anything about it, if it has no credentials, or if the offerings seem dubious.

    Although we have described the formal procedure, several online shops offer authentic permits. Just be vigilant about reviews—or the lack of them, for that matter.

    ➡ Look for authenticity certificates

    It’s critical to remember the distinguishing characteristics of authentic Windows software, including the Certificate of Authenticity (COA), proof of license label, and an edge-to-edge hologram like the one shown above.

    You most likely have a pirated copy on your hands if you only get a product key and some sketchy installation instructions.

    ➡ Buy a product with a licensed copy of Windows

    Purchasing a computer or laptop that already has Windows installed on it is another approach to ensure that you receive a genuine copy of the operating system.

    Of course, you should also ask the retailer for the supporting paperwork and labelling to confirm the validity of the software.

    We hope that our advice helped enable you to activate Windows 11 on the virtual machine and that you learned how to avoid buying fake goods.

    Although illegal copies of Windows exist and can function just as well as the original product, using one might land you in serious legal jeopardy.

    You can use several apps and personalization options that are only available with an activated copy of Windows.


    I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

    User Questions

    1. How can I make a virtual machine’s copy of Windows active?

    Restart Windows after activating it in the virtual machine. Ensure that Windows is turned on in the virtual machine. Restart your Mac, then straight boot into Boot Camp. Click the Activate button after going to Settings > Update & Security > Activation.

    2. Can you virtualize Windows 11?

    However, you may set up Windows 11 on a virtual computer if you still want to try it. Doing this allows you to virtualize Windows independently of your current installation without endangering your computer.

    3. Can I use VirtualBox to run Windows 11?

    Before installing the ISO file inside the newly created VM, you must first construct a new virtual machine and assign some system resources to it. As a demanding operating system, Windows 11 requires at least 4 GB of RAM and 20 GB of storage space to function on Virtual Box.

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