SCUF wireless Instinct and Instinct Pro controllers debut for the Xbox Series X/S

SCUF wireless Instinct and Instinct Pro controllers debut for the Xbox Series X/S

SCUF Gaming has launched two new wireless performance controllers for Xbox gamers. The controllers have a patented paddle system, which is that the key feature for gamers. SCUF also promises the controller design will improve the performance of Xbox gamers.

The controllers include the Instinct and Instinct Pro, including four embedded control paddles on their back. Those paddles are often programmed to duplicate the ABXY buttons from the front of the controller. Built with refined ergonomics, the controllers work for a spread of hand sizes and may be customized via interchangeable faceplates, thumbsticks, and D-pads.

The Instinct Pro controller differs from the quality Instinct by offering adjustable Instant Triggers. the moment Triggers allow the user to settle on between regular or instant action. Instant Triggers eliminate trigger pull and activate immediately with a faucet motion, almost like a click. Faster action when pressing the button is right for shooter games.

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Those triggers are switchable because other game types, like racing titles, perform better without instant action. The Instinct Pro also features a textured grip that’s easier to carry during long play sessions. Additionally, SCUF offers various paddle profiles allowing users to tune the controller and save them for whatever game they’re playing.

Both controllers are wireless, with an optional 2-meter USB Type-C cable available to eliminate lag. to keep the controller performing, SCUF uses self-lubricating rings; therefore, the thumbsticks glide smoothly. An integrated mute button works with any headset connected to the controller, and therefore the controllers have a Share button for easily sharing clips of your game sessions with friends. Both controllers are compatible with the Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Windows 10, and mobile devices. SCUF Instinct sells for $169.99, with the Instinct Pro starting at $199.99.

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