Samsung Galaxy S21 Event Set for January 14


Samsung’s tag line for the next launch is welcome to the Regular Epic.’

The next Samsung Unpacked occasion, where we presume the Galaxy S21 will be shown, is set for 10 a.m. ET on January 14.

The organization’s tag line if is “Welcome to the Regular Epic.” It includes a month sooner than the customary Galaxy announcement. Traditionally, new Galaxy phones look around the time of Mobile World Congress in late February. However, this year, MWC is not occurring in February, and total slow earnings for its S20 series (except the cheap S20 FE) might have induced Samsung to proceed more quickly than average.

Our S21 rumour roundup has all these details about the new mobiles. We expect there’ll be three versions –the S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra–just like using the S20. In the united states, they will utilize the newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset. They will eschew the past year’s distressed 108-megapixel cameras for much more dependable 64-megapixel shooters.

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The S21 series will be the initial S-phones to encourage Samsung’s S Pen, based on rumours, even though they won’t possess a distinctive S Pen slot such as the Note series will.

Within our COVID-stressed period, however, the thing I will most be considering is the cost. The S20 show came way too large for 2020: at prices around $1,500, they needed to be disregarded, they didn’t sell all that well. Our rumour report states that the new versions will vary from $849 to $1,249, a fall of $150-$250 over the previous year’s mobiles.

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You Can Now Get a Preorder Alert for the Samsung Galaxy S21

the ‘Regular Epic.’

So what the hell does the”Regular Epic” mean?

As with other producers, Samsung likes to play games by teasing attributes of its new apparatus through event invites and titles. My very first idea is that the S21 occasion will centre on filmmaking abilities –turning your locked-down life in an “everyday epic.”

However, the term is not new or connected to Samsung. Look for this on Google, and you will come across a good deal of motivational glurge and a 1966 review of a Simone de Beauvoir publication. So”regular epic” might not be something special here–it might be a generic term that Samsung marketers believed sounded great. Whatever the case, we will find out very shortly.

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On the 14th, you’ll have the ability to see the live stream on Samsung’s web site.