Samsung Announces a New Rugged Phone Called the Galaxy Xcover 5

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Samsung features a new rugged phone coming (Galaxy Xcover 5), and it’s quite solid.

When it involves rugged phones, many of the devices released tend to return from smaller OEMs like Blackview et al. at that very same level.

However, big brands have rugged devices, and Samsung has just announced its latest model called the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5. If you’re within the marketplace for a phone which will take a beating and you would like the reliability and reputation that comes with the Samsung brand, this could be the right phone for you.

What Is the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5?

The phone has been heavily rumored over a previous couple of weeks, and now Samsung has announced the phone on its Mobile Press site. the corporate revealed almost every detail about its upcoming rugged smartphone, and it seems like a reasonably good device.

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An exciting feature of the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 is that the 3,000mAh removable battery. You do not see very many smartphones with batteries that begin anymore, so if you are the sort of one that wants to stay on the phone for an extended time without handling long-term battery drain, the Xcover 5 has you covered. That battery supports 15W Fast charging, which is not the quickest out there but still suitable for a budget-friendly rugged phone.

The screen is relatively small. The phone features a 5.3-inch HD+ TFT display. It isn’t the highest-resolution screen, but it should look pretty good with the smaller screen size.

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As far as what’s under the hood, there’s the Exynos 850 chipset paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. That power runs Android 11, so you will get the newest version of Android on your device. The phone doesn’t sport 5G, which is predicted once you consider the rumored price.

The camera is pretty primary, toting a 16MP sensor, autofocus, and an f/1.8 aperture. There is a 5MP selfie camera on the front also.

As far because the rugged features, the Galaxy Xcover 5 features IP68 water and mud resistance, and it’s MIL-STD810H certified. Samsung didn’t announce what sort of glass is on the phone, but we’d assume it’s some durable glass-like Corning’s Gorilla Glass.

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Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 Availability and Price

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 announced that the device would be available in select markets in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Within the future, the corporate plans to expand availability to other regions, though it didn’t get more specific.

While Samsung took the vail off most details of its rugged phone, the corporate didn’t announce the worth yet. The rumor mill suggests that it will sell for €299 when it makes its thanks to Europe, though, but we’ll need to await confirmation.