retroarch crashes when loading game

retroarch crashes when loading game

Here we can see “retroarch crashes when loading game

Retroarch Crashing Before Game Loads

It’sIt’s tough to deal with such a broad issue without writing an essay about it. There are numerous reasons why Retroarch may crash. Hopefully, we’ve decided to select out a number of the foremost common ones to apply to a good spectrum of individuals.

Update your graphics card drivers. This applies particularly to people on mid-lower-end systems, who may struggle with the fact that Retroarch runs on the OpenGL graphics API by default. You ought to attend the “retroarch” config (CFG), enter your Retroarch directory, open it with Notepad (or, to form the knowledge clearer, Notepad++), and alter the “video_driver” option from “gl” to “d3d,” then save your change. You won’t be ready to use the slick XMB-style Retroarch UI anymore, but more importantly, you ought to be ready to run games.

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Another option for people on older operating systems or with older hardware is downloading the “MSVC” versions of Retroarch rather than the default MinGW version. MSVC2005 is meant for pre-Windows XP systems, while MSVC2010 is from Windows XP onward, but some people have reported that it helps them even when using Windows 10 on older machines, so it is worth a pop.

[Switch/Vita] Retroarch often crashes when loading content/playlist entry


Retroarch often crashes when loading content when a core is already loaded on Switch/Vita. The crashes are much less frequent if “Close Content” is first selected before loading new content, but still, even then, sometimes it crashes.

It probably has got to do with the very fact that these are static builds.

Expected behavior

Loading content/playlist entries should never crash the emulator.

Load Content shouldn’t behave differently than Close Content followed by Load Content. I mean, it’s to shut content before it can load new content anyways. But somehow, Retroarch does something different within the two cases.

Actual behavior

Often, when loading content/playlist entry while a core is already loaded, Retroarch crashes on Vita/Switch. The crashes seem to happen less if “Close Content” is first selected before loading new content, but still, even then, sometimes it crashes. An equivalent crashes happen when loading via the playlist. Either way, they happen.

Steps to breed the bug

  1. Load a core, any core on Vita/Switch
  2. Select Load Content and cargo some content to start the core with it
  3. Go to menu, Load Content again
  4. Observe sometimes crashing. If not crashing, load different content until it crashes.
  5. Load a core
  6. Load content
  7. Close content
  8. Load content again
  9. Observe less frequent crashing on load content. But it still sometimes crashes.

Environment information

OS: Switch and Vita

User Questions:

1. Retroarch crashing and other apps, please help.

Problem: retroarch crashes while scrolling through options, crashes when clicking load cores, crashes, and the white screen comes up when clicking update on the app. It doesn’t work.

2. RetroArch crashes when loading PPSSPP savestates

RetroArch crashes whenever I load a PPSSPP savestate. The loading state message shows up, stops at 50-70%, then crashes without a mistake message. It happens altogether in games I tested. Closer to not crashing, I’ve come Megaman Maverick Hunter, where rather than crashing loading, a state shows the background layer and hangs the game.

3. Retroarch Crashes when loading games thru LB

For some reason, regardless of which platform I’m trying to play, retroarch crashed if I load the game thru LB. It’s like it’s starting with the FPS within the top left corner, but it’s just black, and eventually, it crashes, and it asked me either to shut the program or await it to reply. It never responds. If I open retroarch thru the exe and cargo a rom, it works perfectly fine. I cannot find out why it doesn’t work thru LB. I used to be hoping someone may need a solution for this. I’m running 1.7.5 on retroarch and, therefore, the most current version of LB, which I think is 9.3. 

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4. Retroarch crashes once I attempt to load games (Windows 10). Didn’t do this before

The electricity in my house went out randomly a couple of days ago. Since then, Retroarch has done two things:

Forget what games I played (the “Open Recent” menu lists nothing)

Crash once I attempt to play any game on any core

5. RetroArch crashing whenever a ROM is loaded?

RetroArch crashing whenever a ROM is loaded? from RetroArch