Fallout 4 Game Crashes When Loading Save

Fallout 4 Game Crashes When Loading Save

Here we can see “Fallout 4 Game Crashes When Loading Save”

Fallout 4 crashes when loading save

If you’re experiencing this problem, your game may be crashing when you try to load a save file. To fix the crash, you may need to change some of the game’s settings. Some potential settings that could cause Fallout 4 to crash when loading a save file include:

  • The resolution of your computer. If your computer is too low-resolution, the game may not be able to load any saves at all.
  • The speed of your hard drive. If your hard drive is too slow, the game may not be able to start up correctly or store any files in memory.
  • Your graphics card. If your graphics card isn’t working properly, the game may not be able to load any saves ordisplay anything onscreen.

How to fix Fallout 4 crashes.

If you’re having crashes when starting or playing Fallout 4, it may be due to incorrect game settings. To change these settings, follow these steps:

1. Open the Fallout 4 launcher and click on the “Options” tab.

2. Scroll down to the “Graphics” section and select “General.”

3. Change the “Memory Profile” to “Low quality” if you’re using a higher-quality graphics card.

4. Click on the “Apply Changes” button and wait for the changes to take effect.

5. Close the launcher and reopen it for now so that the changes have taken effect.

6. If all else fails, consult a video or guide on how to fix Fallout 4 crashes in detail.

Tips for fixing Fallout 4 crashes.

One of the most common causes of Fallout 4 crashes is incorrect game settings. To fix crashes, change the game’s settings as follows:

  • In the “System” section of the “Settings” menu, change “Video Output” to “Direct3D9” and “Input Output” to “On.”
  • In the “Direct3D” section of the same menu, increase the value for “Quality”.
  • In the “Input” section of the same menu, increase the value for “Keyboard And Mouse Input”.

Fix Fallout 4 crashes by using a fix from the internet

A popular way to prevent crashes is to use a fix from an internet website. To find aFix or one that has been successfully used in other users’ fallout4 games, try looking for posts about specific crashes on forums or websites. If you’re unable to find a Fix that works for you, there are also online tools that can help you troubleshoot and fix your Fallout 4 computer problems. For example, Troubleshooting Fallout 4 may help you resolve problems with your graphics card, CPU, or disk drive.

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Often considered one among the simplest RPG games by Bethesda, Fallout 4 is notoriously rich in features and offers a next-gen modding system that has an extended line of fanbase. The mods are in unlimited quantity and may completely revamp the game. These mods might sound fluent, but really, they cause havoc of problems, and most ordinarily are behind the common phrase, fallout 4 keeps crashing.

This has been a drag with Fallout 4 for an extended time now. The developers are unable to deal with a fix that might completely solve the matter. Likewise, users also are frustrated with fixes, and therefore the majority don’t want to risks their saved files.

Fallout 4 Keeps Crashing

Luckily, here at eXputer, we went above and beyond to research the crashing problems in Fallout 4. As per our research, there might be multiple reasons why this might be happening. Similarly, you’ll also take some measures that we’ll explain below.

The first few measures are getting to be very easy; they wouldn’t require tons of technical understanding. However, given the character of those crashings without error, we’ll dig further into methods and corroborate with adequate measures.

Uninstall Mods

First things first, you ought to know that mods are among the foremost common reasons why Fallout 4 crashes. These mods aren’t necessarily bad, but they often re-write the first file, resulting in the game not accepting your entry. against this, this isn’t something new, and that we have also seen an equivalent problem with XCOM 2 had was unable to function with mods.

Besides, you would possibly not lose all mods while completing this step. Our guide suggests that you simply should uninstall each mode individually then test the game back and forth. this may make sure that you discover the mod which is causing the problem and also avoids the danger of losing all files.

Validate Steam Files

Although, you’ll also put the Steam File Method before Uninstalling Mods. But, that was necessary thanks to Mods Being a serious conflict around all the measures we propose. Likewise, returning to Validating Steam Files, here is how it works. Whenever you download a game and play it for an extended period of your time.

Sometimes, the files from these games are removed by an Anti-virus or firewall, which happens due to a misunderstanding between both programs. The files are suspected of virus and more; therefore, you don’t realize before they’re completely exhausted . aside from that, often these files also automatically change; thus they aren’t useful anymore.

The Steam Software, where you would possibly have purchased Fallout 4 offers a feature that automatically scans the whole directory for missing files. alongside that, it also ensures that any faulty files, which require repairing also can be reinstalled. Once the scan is completed, all missing files are re-downloaded, and you ought to make sure that Fallout 4 isn’t crashing thanks to any files.

  1. Under Steam Library > Right Click Fallout 4 > Properties
  2. Go to Local Files > Verify Integrity of game files
  3. Any omitted files or those that need repair will automatically begin to download.

Update Your Drivers

Fallout 4 is understood for being notorious when it involves the support of the latest hardware. the game runs immensely bad on older hardware, and this gets further expanded by outdated drivers that don’t help but worsen things. Suppose you would like the game to run at High FPS and not crash in the least. Then, the wise thing to try to do would be to update all drivers.

These shouldn’t only be the main ones, yes they’re essential, Graphics Card and CPU. However, you ought to also update those of WiFi, Sound Card, and More. We recommend first detecting the missing drivers through any third-party software then downloading all individually. All things aside, here is how Graphics Card and CPU Drivers are updated.

Lower Your Graphics Settings

After you’ve got evaluated the driver update and further advanced into ensuring no files are missing. Now you’ll jump to the settings step, where we’ll attempt to test various Detailing. These are involved within the Fallout 4 Launch Options and define how this works; sometimes, there’s a minor problem with various graphics settings that automatically end in your game is crashed.

These aren’t hard to work out; you only need to close up all the settings and test the game. If it worked, now you’ve got to show on all settings individually and find out which one is causing the matter.

  1. Open Fallout 4 > attend the Graphics Adapter and determination Settings
  2. Select Low Under Details; this may change all settings, including texture quality, depth of field, godrays quality, and more to low
  3. Avoid the View Distance Tab; it doesn’t have a small impact on crashings
  4. Select native resolution under the Resolutions Tab, and also accompany FXAA in Antialiasing
  5. Launch the game to ascertain if it works
  6. If it didn’t, checkmark Windowed Mode and reconfigure Antialiasing, Anisotropic Filtering, and uncheck all settings including, Screen Space Reflections, Wetness, Rain Occlusion, Motion Blur, and Lens Flare

Keep in mind that the goal here is to work out which settings could be causing Fallout 4 to crash. Obviously, it’s reasonable to presume that the game won’t crash at startup. However, you’ll check the decrease in consistency, allowing you to spot the messed-up settings.

Close Discord, MSI Afterburner, and Other Softwares

The Fallout 4 launcher is strange, and rightly so; this is often also a core instrument behind the consistent crashes. Usually, the appliance fails to function properly when many third-party applications regularly make changes to the system.

These include the likes of Discord, MSI Afterburner, and Streaming OS Softwares. If you’ve got played Forza Horizon 4, you’d skills many problems do background applications cause to the game.

Having said that, you would possibly be wondering, how are of these applications and services that are potentially causing your game to the crash are going to be terminated. Well, there are two ways you’ll set about it. Firstly, you’ll end-task all the applications that are simultaneously running alongside the game.

In addition, thereto, you’ll also permanently close these applications from startup. Here is how it works.

  1. Under Run > Search and Open msconfig
  2. Proceed to Services Tab > Uncheck Hide All Microsoft Services; this may hide the essential ones that are necessary for Windows 10 to work 
  3. Afterward, uncheck all the services you are feeling are from third-party sides. Click on Apply after the changes, and attend Startup Tab
  4. Disable all applications with High Startup Impact Priority
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Reinstall Fallout 4

It’s safe to assume that at now, your Fallout 4 must have stopped crashing. However, If it didn’t, then we also are likely to encounter an inventory of corrupted files, and typically, this is often caused by malware breakthroughs and lots of other games also are unlikely to figure. during this case, the foremost notable solution would be to reinstall Fallout 4. Not only will this make sure that fresh ones replace all the corrupt files.

But it’ll also reset any unnecessary settings which may be causing your game to crash. These are usually associated with config files, which are automatically re-written and configured with no notice. By all means, you’ll uninstall the game through Steam or instrument panel, but confirm that the files are far away from the temp folder before you began to reinstall. Here is how it works

  1. Open Run > Type and Search %temp%
  2. Press CTRL + A on your Keyboard to pick All Files > Right Click and Delete
  3. Make sure to wash Recycle Bin Afterwards
  4. No leftover from the older Fallout 4 directory should remain on your PC

Monitor GPU And CPU Temperatures

The most important and unnoticed feature that would be potentially causing your Fallout 4 to crash is excessive hardware temperatures. These are most ordinarily related to newer Graphics Card, which have fan speeds turned to Auto, and that only run when the Hardware hits a particular threshold. Once it does, the Graphic Card fans automatically begin to spin, but now, the game has already crashed.

To further illustrate what it means, If you opt to Play Fallout 4 and continue it for a short time. the game would run fine, but it’ll automatically crash as soon because it hits 80 Celsius. Both Graphics Card and CPU could cause this, but within the Fallout 4 case, GPU seems to be the foremost common cause. Rest assured, here is how you’ll stop this from happening and also become a touch practical to see If the Graphics Card fans spin or not.

  1. Open MSI Afterburner, do that after testing step 5.
  2. Click on the Settings icon
  3. Proceed to the Fan Section, and Checkmark Enable User-Defined Software Automatic Fan Control
  4. Now to know this graph, simply check out the X and Y-Axis. The Y Axis illustrates the fan speed, which is triggered on an equivalent X-Axis the temperatures required reach thereto level. this will be seen within the picture below, when the temperatures reach 89, the fan speeds automatically go above and beyond to 98.

After you’ve got assessed how it works, significantly reduce the thresholds to something normal. for instance, the fan speed should be at 80 if the temperatures are reaching 60 or 70. this is able to make sure that the game isn’t allowed to further maximize the temperatures; rather, they decrease as they hit a particular benchmark.

After you’ve got made the changes, click on apply and test Fallout 4 another time.

By all means, If it still didn’t work, then the temperature-related problem could be with other hardware. These might be either CPU, Ram, SSD, or maybe your motherboard which may be overheating, and PC Itself wouldn’t allow it to be further utilized since that might increase the temperatures.

All things aside, you’ll easily find the temperatures for the remaining hardware through Speccy or HWMonitor. These two programs will tell you the precise temperatures, and that they are consistently updated, so you’ll also check them while launching Fallout.

In order to repair high temperatures, you’ll need to apply different techniques. the foremost common may be a thermal paste, except for hardware like Ram and Motherboard, you ought to most presumably fix the airflow or get a replacement case.

Disable Full-Screen Optimization and alter Compatibility Mode

All things aside, these two features should be addressed at the previous. we’ve ideally tested full-screen optimization across several games, including that of League of Legends, which had an identical problem. the game begins to run during a weird hybrid mode, where it’s not making the foremost out of the resources. This also causes further glitches if the game itself has other screen options and both are contradicting one another.

On the opposite hand, Compatibility Mode could even be a drag behind Fallout 4 crashes. that’s to say; this mostly happens in cases where the user is using an older Windows 10 Built and hasn’t been updated in years. additionally thereto, it also might be associated with Windows 10 is corrupted, and this goes equivalent to Fallout 4, which could be an older version.

  1. Go to the Fallout 4 Directory > Steam > Steamapps > Common > Fallout 4
  2. Right Click Fallout4 Application > Checkmark “Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 7“
  3. Afterward, Select Windows 7 and Checkmark Both Run this program as an administrator also as Disable Full Screen Optimization
  4. Do an equivalent for Fallout4Launcher, and confirm to hit apply in both cases

Remove Fallout 4 From Antivirus and Firewall

At this given time, all the methods suggested above should stop Fallout 4 from crashing. However, if it didn’t and suppose there are much deeper issues to deal with. Then, your best chance is to get rid of Fallout 4 from Firewall. However, we don’t recommend entirely disabling Firewall and Antivirus, as these might be highly beneficial against malware attacks.

But given things, you ought to attempt to disable both of them and acknowledge if these are blocking the port addresses or folders to figure in their meta. Usually, Firewall gets buggy when it involves an application that’s consistently changing its derived settings. So here is how you’ll fix it.

  1. Search and Open Firewall and Network Protection
  2. Click on “Allow an app through firewall.”
  3. Uncheck Fallout 4 and Fallout4 Launcher from the list. Don’t forget to click on Apply to save lots of changes.


Fallout 4 crashes when loading save files can be a problem. You can fix it by changing some of the game’s settings, but keep in mind that there is always volatility in financial news and other aspects of life. For example, you might need to be prepared for more economic instability in the future.

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The game froze on me last night once I was saving Nick and that we went through the access tunnel to go away the vault. So I ate f4’ed the game, but the music was still playing, so I closed the game via task manager.

I open the game today, and that I choose the save made right before fighting Skinny Malone. the game goes into its loading screen where your level is shown, then the game completely closes, and I am back at the Steam page for the game.

I even tried loading in another character’s save, and therefore, the same thing happened. So I’m not sure what to try to do.

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