How to Refresh Data in Power Bi

How to Refresh Data in Power Bi

Here we can see, “How to Refresh Data in Power Bi”

In Power BI, the Refresh option is a fundamental feature. Refresh Now, and Schedule Refresh are two of the available choices for the utility. To manually refresh Power Bi Desktop, use the Refresh Now button. Additionally, scheduling a refresh only takes a few simple steps.

However, one user noted that updating Power Bi data is not always evident.

I have created some reports using Power BI desktop and Published those as a Web Page from Power BI service. My source is SharePoint. I want to schedule refresh of Power BI data from source SharePoint in every 2 hours. How to achieve this?

As a result, we are aware that the OP desires to update the Power Bi data from the SharePoint source every two hours. So this is how to go about it.

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Steps to refresh your data in Power BI

1. Configure credentials

The data sources’ credentials in the Power Bi report must first be configured.

    1. Right-click on the Power BI Reports in the Power BI Report Server.
    2. Choose Manage.
    3. Choosing the Data sources tab.
    4. Select the authentication method to use when establishing a connection to that data source.
    5. Enter the proper information.

2. Create a plan for Schedule Refresh

    1. Do a right-click on the Power BI Reports.
    2. Choose Manage.
    3. Select the tab for scheduled refresh.
    4. A new planned refresh plan will appear.
    5. Click on Create scheduled refresh plan after you have written a description and chosen a time for your data model to be updated.

3. Use manual Refresh button from Home in Power BI Desktop

Although it’s quite easy, you can only update your data once.

    1. Activate Power BI Desktop.
    2. Bring up the file you wish to update.
    3. From the Home ribbon, select the Refresh button.

Power BI has a tool called data refresh that is quite helpful, called Schedule Refresh. People who utilize this application typically work with dynamic data sets that are impossible to refresh manually.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How do I update Power BI with fresh data?

On the Power BI Desktop, go to the Fields pane and right-click on the table to which the policy should be applied. Since there is only one table in this instance, we will choose it before choosing Incremental Refresh from the context menu that appears.

2. Why doesn’t Power BI’s dataset refresh?

This is because of an issue in Power BI, which we are attempting to fix in conjunction with Microsoft. First, click the three dots to the right of your dataset, then choose “Schedule refresh” to restart your data refresh. Next, follow these instructions on the resulting page: Pick “schedule refresh” from the drop-down menu.

3. What does database data refresh mean?

It is typically necessary to overwrite an existing database with a stage, development, or production database to remove outdated data. This procedure maintains the integrity of all database objects while updating the database and its data.

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