How to Auto-refresh Power Bi and Update Your Dashboard

How to Auto-refresh Power Bi and Update Your Dashboard

Here we can see, “How to Auto-refresh Power Bi and Update Your Dashboard”

Many users of Power BI consider auto-refreshing dashboards to be essential, however many are having issues.

One member, for instance, posted the following on the forum:

I have developed one dashboard. But unable to have it updated automaticaly. Please guide me how can I have my dashboard updated after 5 seconds.

Therefore, the OP cannot automatically update the dashboard. Today we will demonstrate how to automatically refresh dashboards in Power BI. This is a straightforward process.

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Steps to auto-refresh Power BI

1. Refresh the dataset

This topic has already been discussed, and scheduling a refresh is simple. To find out how to update the dataset, view our guidance here.

2. Refresh the dashboard tiles

The dashboard will be refreshed within 15 minutes of finishing the first step. In order to force a tile refresh, perform these steps:

    1. On the dashboard’s upper right, click the ellipsis (…).
    2. Choosing Refresh dashboard tiles.

You should consider that a tile refresh occurs automatically after a data refresh. Therefore, since tile refresh is a component of the larger data refresh, the refresh time may grow as more tiles are added.

So, auto-refreshing in Power BI is simpler than it first appears, but you still need to do a few steps to start getting updates to your dashboards.

When using this function, you should keep in mind that the entire process of refreshing your data comprises several steps that rely on the quantity and nature of your datasets.

Therefore, obtaining correct results frequently depends on knowing how and when to refresh your data. The auto-refresh function is crucial because of this.

Users can’t keep themselves occupied by repeatedly clicking the Refresh button to update their data. Because of this, many individuals find the auto-update tool useful, and using it effectively produces excellent results.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can my Power BI dashboard be updated automatically?

When using Power BI Desktop, choose the report page for which you want automatic page refresh enabled. Locate the Page refresh section at the bottom of the Visualizations window by selecting the Formatting button (a paint roller). Turns on or off page refresh.

2. Power BI reports are updated automatically, right?

Since Power BI automatically updates the tiles during each planned or on-demand data refresh, import mode datasets and composite datasets that blend import mode and DirectQuery mode don’t need a separate tile refresh.

3. How can I make Power BI update my data?

Simply send the following HTTP Request to force refresh for a dataset in the Power BI service. You can create this request by running our sample code or using an HTTP tool like Fiddler. Additional advice The Power BI service will launch a data refresh as soon as you submit the request.

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