Realme MagDart magnetic wireless charging leaks before official debut

Realme MagDart magnetic wireless charging leaks before official debut

Some won’t wish to admit it, but Apple has always been a trendsetter, creating new technologies or building up existing ones. It had been late to the wireless charging train, but its adoption provided a much-needed mark of confidence for the technology. Now it’s pushing wireless charging further by utilizing its expertise in magnets to form an easy but important change. This change has inspired Realme to push its MagDart system to keep phones from slipping off chargers and the other way around.

Realme MagDart is no secret by now because of the company’s trademark filing in Europe and its teaser for the event. It’ll presumably receive tons of unfavorable remarks for “copying” Apple’s MagSafe, but it can probably even be lauded for daring to bring magnetic wireless charging to Android in the least.

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The primary advantage of a magnetic wireless charging system is that you do not need to worry about keeping charging coils always aligned. However, aside benefit is that you can have external battery packs and accessories that stick with the rear of a phone. This has been born to a replacement range of accessories, and Realme‘s MagDart Wallet is one such example. Consistent with 91mobiles and @OnLeaks, this accessory has room for three credit cards and even features a foldable stand.

Of course, that won’t be MagDart’s only claim to fame, a minimum of supported leaks and teasers. Despite the novelty of magnetic wireless charging, Realme will be promising fast charging times, counting on the charger, of course. XDA’s analysis of a leaked video estimates that a Realme Flash might be fully charged in but an hour employing a 50W MagDart charger.

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Realme MagDart isn’t an isolated piece of technology, of course. It’s expected to first debut within the upcoming Realme Flash, whose launch date remains unknown now. As for MagDart itself, Realme does have a date for its debut, perhaps sprinkling details about the Realme Flash within the process.