Realme Flash might come with MagSafe-like magnetic wireless charging

Realme Flash might come with MagSafe-like magnetic wireless charging

Even Apple skeptics won’t deny that it invents technologies and features that will influence future technology. The new MagSafe could be a standard among smartphones, as the reversible Lightning connector was undoubtedly an inspiration. Realme might have been the first Android smartphone to feature a magnetic wireless charging system. However, Apple is often slower than others.

Although wireless charging isn’t new, it has one major drawback: making it less convenient than wired charging. Wireless charging must be done in a narrow gap between the charging coils to align the coils properly. It’s not easy to do this right, even with markings. Apple solved the problem by introducing magnets.

Apple’s¬†MagSafe technology uses strong magnets to align charging wires and hold the charger and phone in place. These magnets allowed for cases and battery packs to attach to the iPhone’s back while being easily removed. Realme Flash, which is expected to be released shortly, will feature a similar feature. Unfortunately, it will also have a name that will raise eyebrows.

Realme will launch a MagDart wireless charging device that attaches magnetically to the Realme Flash. This will allow the phone to be charged,¬†according to GSMArena. MagDart is not like Apple’s MagSafe accessories. Instead, it looks more like a box with a fan inside. This is likely to keep the phone from overheating when it’s being charged wirelessly at 15W.

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The details about the Realme Flash are not yet available, but they include a Snapdragon888, 12GB RAM, and 256GB storage. Many will be interested to see if MagDart tech from the former OPPO brand will live up to its potential.