Razer Zephyr N95 smart mask released for $100

Razer Zephyr N95 smart mask released for $100

Earlier this year, Razer unveiled “Project Hazel,” an idea for an intelligent air purifying mask. Since then, the concept has evolved into the Razer Zephyr, a fully realized product available for purchase by the general public. The Razer Zephyr went on sale this afternoon for around $100, and it will be available alone or with additional filters for top-notch N95 filter action.

Razer Zephyr is the company’s first “smart, eco-friendly” public-use mask. This Razer Zephyr mask, like the original Project Hazel idea, features N95 filters, two air exchange chambers, and a pair of 2-speed fans. In addition, the mask’s center features a transparent window with “a layer of anti-fog coating,” allowing the wearer’s mouth to be seen at all times.

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This mask can be used with both interior and outside lights to allow for artistic expression as well as “seamless social interaction.” In other words, they illuminate your face, allowing you to see your mouth via the small window even when you’re wearing the mask in the dark. In addition, the Razer Zephyr app for iOS and Android may be used to customize the light colors (and the mask connects to your phone via Bluetooth).

Soft silicone is used for the parts of the mask that physically touch the wearer’s face. With an adjustable head and neck straps, the mask is held close to the face. The majority of the mask is available in any color you want, as long as it’s black. However, given the demand for these masks we’ve seen in the months since Razer initially presented them as a concept design, it’s very feasible they’ll be challenging to obtain — unless, of course, Razer anticipated the inevitable enormous surge of purchases here on day one.

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The Razer Zephyr Starter Pack is now available for purchase in the Razer shop online for around $150 as of today (October 21, 2021). The Zephyr mask itself, as well as three N95 Grade Filter Packs, are included. In addition, a Razer N95 Grade Filter Pack (10 sets of filters) is also available for roughly $30. In comparison, the Razer Zephyr itself is available for around $100 – both of which are currently available through the Razer store online.

Source: slashgear