Razer Project Hazel RGB mask is now Razer Zephyr, sign-ups are open

Razer Project Hazel RGB mask is now Razer Zephyr, sign-ups are open

Razer’s product portfolio spans a good range of computers and computer accessories, but it does come up with some rather odd concepts from time to time. Project Valerie, for instance, envisioned a laptop with three screens. one among its oddest. Still, hottest doesn’t even have anything to try to directly with gaming or computers but was designed to be something gamers won’t be ashamed to wear. Just a couple of months after it revealed its Project Hazel mask concept, Razer has taken another breakthrough in making the merchandise, now formally referred to as Razer Zephyr, a billboard reality.

The concept for Project Hazel came up at almost the right time when the planet was trying to urge back on its feet after a devastating pandemic. Part protective gear and part gamer apparel, the mask almost appeared like an early April Fools that wouldn’t make it out the door. However, Razer was very serious about it, and therefore the interest surrounding the initial prototype proved that it had been on the proper track.

Nearly eight months later, Razer is on the brink of turning that prototype into a product you’ll buy. It just announced the official commercial name of the merchandise, Zephyr. It’s also opening up registrations for those interested in beta testing the merchandise, though no exact dates are given for that.

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The Razer Zephyr has undergone some design changes since its initial public debut. There is, for instance, a more prominent bottom grille whose exact purpose remains a mystery now. Additionally to promising protection on an equivalent level as an N95 mask, the Zephyr also includes mics and speakers to repair one of the best difficulties in wearing such protective health gear.

It’s interesting to ascertain how the Razer Zephyr went from an almost tongue-in-cheek prototype to a product on the brink of launching. Unfortunately, there’s still no hard date on when which will happen, though an October target was already announced a couple of months back. Subsequent detail, of course, will be the worth, and it’d not come cheap, considering all the tech inside.

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