Spider-Man from Marvel’s Avengers makes a brief appearance in the game

Spider-Man from Marvel's Avengers makes a brief appearance in the game

Spider-Man has been spotted briefly in Marvel’s Avengers, providing fans with a sneak peek at what he will look like in this month’s DLC.

When the Avengers DLC roadmap presentation was being presented this week, one very sharp-eyed Marvel’s Avengers fan caught a quick peek of the game’s rendition of Spider-Man. In Marvel’s Avengers, the renowned web-slinger will make his long-awaited debut as a PlayStation-exclusive DLC character on November 30, with developer Crystal Dynamics promising a comprehensive storey event dubbed With Great Power to coincide with his arrival. This event will include a series of tasks that will depict Spider-meeting Man’s with the Avengers and how he eventually came to work with them in their ongoing war against AIM.

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Even though Spider-Man has always received a great deal of support from video game developers, as evidenced by classic titles such as Spider-Man for the original PlayStation and 2004’s Spider-Man 2 tie-in game, the hero has enjoyed particularly prosperous times in recent years, thanks to the success of Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man series. Although a different Spidey will appear in Marvel’s Avengers than the one featured in Marvel’s Spider-Man, the specifics of his appearance and storey within the superhero live-service title are still being kept under wraps while developers Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics prepare for his arrival later this month.

According to The Gamer, a quick peek of Spider-Man was featured in this week’s Marvel’s Avengers developer’s stream, shown on YouTube. Spider-Man, as seen in the Marvel’s Avengers game by Twitter user Carlos esconde a few days ago. However, he was mostly masked by a user interface message explaining the resource and economy adjustments that would be implemented as part of the November wave of Marvel’s Avengers upgrades. Aside from that, Carlos esconde noticed that Spidey’s trademark red mask and boots can be seen, as well as a nameplate with artwork by Marvel cover artist J. Scott Campbell.

With a star-studded cast of Marvel heroes that has continued to grow over the past several months with new additions such as Hawkeye and Black Panther, Marvel’s Avengers has struggled to match the success of contemporary superhero titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man and the Batman: Arkham series. Square Enix declared a net loss when Marvel’s Avengers was released last year. Even the company’s president, Yosuke Matsuda, concedes that the game has been a letdown in sales and critical reception. Many players are dissatisfied with Marvel’s Avengers because of the game’s excessive dependency on microtransactions. Fans have accused Crystal Dynamics of installing a play-to-win system despite previous assurances that Marvel’s Avengers’ microtransactions would be solely aesthetic. Following the rising player reaction, these aspects were recently removed from Marvel’s Avengers, but some believe the harm has already been done to the long-struggling superhero title.

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Even though Spider-Man isn’t seen in its whole in Carlos esconde’s posted Marvel’s Avengers image, it appears that Crystal Dynamics is adhering fairly true to the iconic red-and-blue Spidey suit for its take on the famous hero. We’ll have to wait and see if gamers will return to Marvel’s Avengers for the chance to play as Spider-Man, especially given that PlayStation fans already have Insomniac’s superb Spider-Man series to satisfy their desire to play as Spider-Man. Nevertheless, when the With Great Power event begins at the end of this month, Square Enix counts on Marvel’s most recognised hero to attempt and restore the Marvel’s Avengers franchise’s reputation, which has been severely tarnished.

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