Players of Animal Crossing Share Resetti’s Most Cruel Rants

Players of Animal Crossing Share Resetti's Most Cruel Rants

As a result of Resetti’s ACNH debut, Animal Crossing players share their horrifying recollections of the character, infamous for his cruel remarks.

Players in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are talking about their earlier encounters with Resetti, mainly the famed rants of the cruel mole. Fans who have played previous Nintendo games will note several variations between ACNH’s villages and NPCs and those of earlier games, with many personality shifts since the franchise began.

Animal Crossing is one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises, with many titles available on various platforms. While many people believe the brand started with the Nintendo GameCube, it debuted with Animal Forest for the Nintendo 64 in Japan in 2001. The AC community has grown significantly in the 20 years since its introduction, with New Horizons being one of Switch’s best-selling titles. The game has progressed since its inception, with new ACNH features such as more customization and design possibilities and improved graphics and multiplayer, ushering in a new era for the game.

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Many NPCs made their New Horizons debut in Animal Crossing’s November update, which has caused some confusion among individuals who have never played an AC game before. User 90daygossip initiated conversations in the comments on a Reddit post looking for details on Resetti, one of the newly-introduced characters, as gamers related their experiences with the mole, known for calling players off if they forget to save their game. Scruffy42 explains it this way: “Mr. Resetti’s worth may be overestimated. He’d chastise you for a long time. You will be informed if you do not shut down properly… And so it goes… and so it goes.” Others expressed their terror of Resetti’s snide remarks, with Geschinta stating that Resetti “scared the crap” out of them and that his music “still haunts” them. Redditor Zerobeastly shared an especially horrific incident about a phony saves deletion, writing:

“On the Gamecube Animal Crossing, my brother and I once shared a town, and we kept resetting it over and over to hear him rant. “You know what, you don’t deserve it,” Resetti said at one point, “so I’m just going to DELETE YOUR SAVE FILE.” The screen turned black right away, I yelled, and my brother dove inside the GameCube to yank the memory card out. The screen turned back on, and Resetti said, “No, I wouldn’t do that, BUT DON’T TRY ME AGAIN.” He’s on the floor, and I’m staring at the TV with watery eyes.”

What’s the story behind this character I randomly met for the first time in The Roost?? (New Horizons is my 1st AC game) from AnimalCrossing

Compared to earlier games, New Horizons users have repeatedly criticized the game for bland villagers and NPCs. Villagers were more expressive and lively in the GameCube and Nintendo DS games, making jokes at the expense of players and even showing contempt or disgust for them. Animal Crossing characters may develop crushes on the player, causing some to believe that the villagers in New Horizons are less desirable, as they frequently repeat dialogue and are generally friendly to the user. The issue is highlighted by Resetti’s return to the franchise in ACNH, where the character has let go of his anger and is now more happy-go-lucky.

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Those looking for more dynamic personalities in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be disappointed to learn that this is not a feature Nintendo is planned. The business announced that the latest 2.0 version would be the game’s final major update, indicating that a villager and NPC interactions revamp unlikely. While large content drops are no longer standard, gamers can expect fresh game updates regularly, with data miners recently releasing new Christmas content for Animal Crossing.

Source: 90daygossip/Reddit