Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Price, Battery Life, and More Leak


We know Nearly everything about the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Among the worst kept secrets happening right now is your Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. It almost sounds like Samsung is attempting to find the info out there, as the escapes keep coming.

A fresh leak from WalkingCat on Twitter reveals off pictures with a myriad of info on the approaching true-wireless earbuds out of Samsung. Whether or not you would like to be aware of the purchase price, battery life, or characteristics, there is something within this flow for you.

Everything We Know About the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

You will find two different slides (which you may see below) offering a lot of information regarding this Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. It is always possible the slides may be fake, but they seem legitimate, and the info included is based on what we would expect to see.

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The slide reported that the cost for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro was $199. This makes sense, as the Galaxy Buds+ retails for $149, and the Galaxy Buds Live opts for $169. Dependent on the upgrades provided together with the Pro, this sounds like the right cost. Compared to other high-end earbuds such as the Apple Airpods Pro, these are marginally cheaper, setting them at a fantastic place.

We also heard that buds would have a 2-way speaker, exactly enjoy the Galaxy Buds Plus. The Pro earbuds will also obtain smart noise-canceling technologies, which promise to deliver increased control over the encounter. For high-end cans, users expect a certain amount of control over their sound cancelation. Therefore it is perfect to see that Samsung comprises that degree of customization.

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Another big thing we heard is your battery life. According to the slides, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will comprise eight hours of listening time plus a half hours of talk time. The charging instance lumps the entire play period to 28 hours. The Galaxy Buds+ has a marginally higher battery lifetime, making sense, as the Pro extra features likely drain the power slightly more.

Other noteworthy features include IPX7 water immunity, spatial sound, and a dialogue manner.

Overall, it feels like Samsung is ticking all the ideal boxes with those earbuds, presuming the leaked slides are true.

When Can We Know More About the Samsung Galaxy Buds Professional?

While we can not be sure when Samsung will announce the Galaxy Buds Pro, it has an Unpacked occasion on January 14, 2021. Presumably, these can be made official there. Thus we should not need to wait a lot longer to receive our hands (and ears) on these.

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