Payday 2 Packet Loss: What Is It and How to Fix It?

Payday 2 Packet Loss: What Is It and How to Fix It?

Here we can see, “Payday 2 Packet Loss: What Is It and How to Fix It?”

  • PAYDAY 2 is a fantastic game that can be played in single-player and multiplayer modes.
  • Unfortunately, playing it with others online might cause a variety of connectivity challenges, such as high latency and packet loss.

PAYDAY 2 is a fantastic game in which you pick a character and form a crew to pull off a heist. PAYDAY 2 can make you feel like a great heist artist, whether you want to loot a bank, a casino, or a safehouse with your friends.

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Although you may play PAYDAY 2 by yourself, nothing compares to sharing the experience with your pals in multiplayer mode. You get to manage duties and work with a team that understands what you’ll be saying at them unwittingly.

However, and this is huge, however multiplayer means you’ll occasionally experience connectivity troubles. If your connection isn’t NASA-level, we have reason to assume it isn’t.

Packet loss is one of the most typical connectivity issues you’ll encounter in PAYDAY 2. You’ll discover why it’s so popular and why so many people despise it.

What is packet loss in PAYDAY 2

No matter where you face packet loss, it’s almost the same. And, so that you know, things aren’t drastically different in PAYDAY 2. As a result, once you understand what packet loss is, you should be able to distinguish it from other connectivity concerns.

Simply speaking, packet loss occurs when data packets do not reach their intended destination. Don’t you think it’s quite obvious? Packet loss and high latency (lag) can be readily misunderstood due to similar symptoms. But there’s no denying that one is more severe than the other.

    • Packet loss
      • Data packets are lost and never reach their intended destination.
    • High latency (lag)
      • Data packets take longer to reach their destination, but they ultimately arrive.

It’s no surprise, then, that packet loss is considered the worse evil in this case. Still, have doubts? Packet loss can have the following effects on your PAYDAY 2 gameplay session:

    • Rubberbanding
      • Causes you and/or other players to freeze for a few seconds before teleporting to a different location on the map, which may be incredibly annoying when you’re ready to take the perfect shot.
    • Unresponsive commands
      • Packet loss can also drastically delay or cancel out shouting, employing cable ties, marking guards, and firing.
    • Sluggish movement
      • PAYDAY 2 isn’t a shoot-em-up; it necessitates much planning ahead of time, which can be made ten times more difficult if your character can’t move or is suddenly insanely slow.
    • Voice chat doesn’t work properly
      • You won’t have time to compose text messages to your team in PAYDAY 2, and packet loss will prevent you from using voice chat, so you’ll be stuck.
    • Sudden disconnections/game crash
      • The most aggravating thing that might happen, especially if you’re about to pull off a perfect score heist

What causes packet loss in PAYDAY 2

There are numerous reasons for PAYDAY 2 packet loss to appear in your life. Interestingly, the wide range of factors contributing to packet loss also makes it so difficult to overcome.

To put it another way, if you don’t know what created the problem, finding a solution can be difficult. That’s why so many players rely on trial and error to deal with packet loss.

Poking around in the dark can be effective on occasion, but it depends entirely on luck; there is no science involved.

Let’s look at some of the potential causes of packet loss in PAYDAY 2 with that in mind:

    • Network congestion
      • This is the most typical cause of packet loss, and it can happen anywhere on the network between your PC and the game server’s host.
    • Using Wi-Fi instead of wired connections
      • Because of the lack of interference, using a cable connection is faster and more stable than using Wi-Fi.
    • Running the game at maximum quality settings
      • Because some connections have limited bandwidth, they may start dropping packets if they can’t handle the quality levels in your game.
    • Subpar Ethernet cables
      • Using old, broken, or worn-out Ethernet cables will ruin your PAYDAY 2 experience.
    • Cheap, limited Internet plan
      • Packet loss may occur in PAYDAY 2 if your Internet package isn’t suited for long gaming sessions.
    • Outdated software
      • Using outdated drivers, software, or firmware versions may lead to your early demise as a PAYDAY 2 player
    • ISP throttling
      • Whether your plan is limited or your ISP simply decides to hack and slice your bandwidth to save money, you’ll experience packet loss.
    • Server-side issues
      • The game server host may be experiencing some of the troubles we’ve discussed, in which case you’ll all have a less-than-pleasant time in PAYDAY 2.

As you can see, the list of causes isn’t really centered on a single cause. Packet loss difficulties can occur on either end of the connection and even in the middle.

Most of the time, you should be able to correct it, depending on where the packet loss happens (on your side or your ISP’s territory). But more on that in a moment.

How to detect packet loss in PAYDAY 2

In PAYDAY 2, you’ll need the server’s IP address you’re playing on to do a packet loss test. THIS CAN BE TRICKY because PAYDAY 2 does not run on officially hosted servers.

Instead, players can be either hosts or clients, making it more like a peer-to-peer (P2P) connection. As a result, you’ll need to find out how to retrieve the server’s IP address, and the method you choose is entirely up to you.

Once you have the address, follow the instructions below:

    1. Start a CMD session on your computer.
    2. Pathping x.x.x.x (replace x.x.x.x with the IP address of the server)
    3. Await the outcome.
    4. Check which node has the most packet loss.

Packet loss can occur anywhere on your connection, as we previously stated. This test will tell you where you are without being too specific.

The pathping test will show which nodes are leaking packets, and you’ll need to figure out which part of the network each node is connected to. Simply refer to the image below for more information.

The battle is half won after you’ve pinpointed the source of the packet loss. At the very least, you’ll know how to proceed.

How to fix packet loss in PAYDAY 2

1. Use a VPN

    1. Purchase a premium VPN subscription.
    2. Install the VPN software on your computer.
    3. Log into your account after starting the VPN.
    4. Choose a fast server to connect to (nearby servers are usually faster)
    5. Start PAYDAY 2 and see if you’re still losing packets.

A VPN is frequently effective in avoiding or at least reducing the negative impacts of packet loss. However, you must note that this solution will only work if your ISP is to blame for the problem in the first place.

Whether it’s because they throttle your bandwidth or can’t manage to route network traffic efficiently, packet loss can occur, which can be remedied using a VPN.

2. Flush your DNS

    1. On your Windows 10 PC, start an elevated CMD session.
    2. One by one, run the following commands:
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
netsh winsock reset

As soon as the last command has been completed successfully, restart your computer. Relaunch PAYDAY 2 and see if anything has changed.

The rationale for this operation is that cached data on your PC might cause problems with your connection, and flushing/renewing your DNS and resetting the winsock is one of the simplest ways to fix this.

You might also want to try using public open DNS instead of the one supplied by your ISP. This could significantly improve your connection speed. We’ve used both Google and Cloudflare and are pleased with the outcomes.

3. Perform a bit of manual troubleshooting

    • Restart the game to see if anything has changed.
    • Ethernet wires should be replaced, upgraded, or repaired (upgrading from Cat 5 to Cat 6 could make a huge difference)
    • If at all possible, use wired connections instead than Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi packet loss happens way more often)
    • If necessary, restart your computer, router, and/or modem.
    • Update your system’s drivers, notably network adapter drivers.
    • Make sure your router is running the most recent firmware version.
    • To avoid interference, change the channel your wireless router transmits on.
    • If you fear network congestion, avoid playing PAYDAY 2 during busy hours (or use a VPN to bypass it)
    • Close any background apps or services that use a lot of bandwidth on your computer (torrenting clients, VoIP clients)
    • Call your ISP and see if they can check the problem and perhaps solve it.
    • Reduce the quality of your in-game graphics to see if it helps.
    • If your current Internet plan is very restricting, upgrade.

Please remember that none of the above approaches will completely remove packet loss in PAYDAY 2. Performing as many as you can, at the very least, enhances your connection’s overall quality.

We all know that a well-maintained connection is less likely to experience connectivity issues like packet loss, high ping, or jitter.

Final thoughts on PAYDAY 2 packet loss

Finally, if you’re having problems with packet loss in PAYDAY 2, waiting it out is often the best solution, albeit not the most pleasant.

Using a VPN is, without a doubt, one of the simplest ways to prevent packet loss in PAYDAY 2, but this patch only works if your ISP causes packet loss. As a result, performing a pathping test is frequently required.

Flushing your DNS might also help to reduce the occurrence of packet loss. Last but not least, you can fix or improve packet loss by performing various manual troubleshooting tasks.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Does Region restrict payday 2?

PAYDAY 2 is one of the games with region limitations (which frustrates most people, including myself), and there is a warning for such games on the Steam Store Page.

2. How do you unblock a region-locked game?

Set up a VPN connection with an IP address from the country you’ll be visiting. When creating a Steam account, choose “Account Details” from the drop-down menu. Click “Update Store Country.” to change the store’s country. Enter the new billing address in the selected country.

3. Will Payday 2 be cancelled?

Starbreeze, the beleaguered Swedish studio, has stated that it will resume development on Payday 2, the popular multiplayer heist game that was put on hold in December to focus on other projects.

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