How to Combine Videos on Iphone

How to Merge videos on Iphone

Here we can see “How to Combine Videos on Iphone”

If you take a great deal of video together with your iPhone’s Camera program, you may want to conceal them with an easy video editor.

You most likely already understand how to cut the beginning and endpoints of a movie on your Pictures program, as an instance, but you may not understand that Apple delivers a free video editing program that allows you to combine different videos into one, longer movie.

How to combine videos on an iPhone using iMovie

  1. Begin the iMovie program and, even if you find the Welcome into iMovie display, tap “Continue.”
  2. Tap “Create Job.”
  3. About the New Project screen, tap “Movie.”
  4. iMovie begins on your photograph stream of current videos and photos. Tap “Media” in the top left.
  5. Tap “Video,” and after that, on the Video page, then tap on the movie folder you are considering. “All” will show you each of the videos saved on your own iPhone.
  6. Tap a movie that you need to unite with a different video. From the pop-up, then exploit the checkbox. This provides the movie to your undertaking.
  7. Tap any other movies you would like to unite, and tap on the checkbox to add them to your Job.
  8. When you have added all of the video clips you would like, tap “Create Picture” at the display base.
  9. About the My Picture display, it is possible to preview the movie and add transitions between the movie clips (to do so, scroll down the movie into the left or right before you discover a cut line, and tap on the transition icon to opt for the transition mode ).
  10. When you are finished, tap “Done” in the very upper left of this display.
  11. Tap the Share button at the bottom of the display and select where you need to ship the finished picture.
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How do you combine videos on iPhone without iMovie?

You don’t have to use Videoshop to put together two or more video clips. There are many other video editors you can use. Another good one is Filmorago. Start the video editing app on your iPhone, tap “Create New Video” on the app’s home screen, and then go to “Camera Roll” to find and add videos from your iPhone.

How do you combine videos on your iPhone camera roll?

  1. From your home screen, open the free video editor, tap the plus sign, and then tap Movie to start a new project.
  2. After that, you’ll go to your Camera Roll. Touch the video clips you want to put together on your iPhone, and then tap Create Movie.
  3. Change the order and put music in the background. When you tap the Done button in the top right corner, the result will be saved as an MP4 to your Camera Roll.
You can combine videos on your iPhone 11 into a single video file using Apple’s free iMovie app. With iMovie, you can combine multiple videos, add transitions to the file, and export your final video all on your iPhone.

Can you combine videos on iPhone 12?

Using the free iMovie program, you may combine films on your iPhone 12 into a single video clip. You may merge numerous films, add transitions, and export the final video using iMovie on your iPhone.

How to put two iPhone videos together without cutting them up

If your iMovie settings are set to “Crop to Fill,” that could be the cause of the cropping problem. Click on iMovie/Preferences in the menu bar and look at the setting under “Photo Placement.” You’re looking for “Fit,” not “Crop to Fill” or “Ken Burns.”

How to merge videos on iPhone for TikTok

Apple’s free iMovie program can blend TikTok videos on your iPhone. iMovie lets you merge videos, apply transitions, and export on your iPhone.

Top 9 Apps on How to Merge Videos on iPhone

To unite two movies iPhone below recorded are the very best programs to be thought about.

  1. iMovie


This really can be a free-to-use movie editing program that lets producing professional-looking videos with its built-in capabilities. Videos in numerous formats could be merged from great quality utilizing the program. Many video editing features can also be encouraged for customization as required. The program includes:

  • User-friendly gestures.
  • Built-in templates and topics.
  • Choices for background music.
  • Other programs.

The processed documents can be shared with email messages, along with social networking networks employing the program.

  1. FilmoraGo- Video Editor & Maker


Produced by Wondershare, it really can be a free program for iPhone that supports a vast assortment of video editing attributes. Multiple movie clips in various formats could be united without sacrificing quality working with the program. It’s possible to cut, divide, fix video rates, rearrange, and execute many additional editing purposes utilizing the program. The user interface makes the program rapid and simple for users.

To unite two movies iPhone below recorded are the very best programs to be thought about.

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  1. VivaVideo: Video Maker & Editor


Employing this free program on iPhone, it is possible to unite a few video clips into one file. The choice to cut the document together with reverse and split choices can be found. It is also possible to throw in a few filters to make your movie intriguing. The choice to mute the first video can be offered. For your free model, the time limitation for those movies is just 5 minutes, plus they include a watermark.

  1. Splice


It’s a fantastic program to place videos collectively on iPhone. The program enables you to merge multiple movie clips and packs in a massive library of audio and sound files, which may be added to the movie file. The interface is more pretty intuitive, and you might also cut on the document if necessary. Side impacts, fonts, and even filters may also be added to the documents using the program.

  1. KineMaster: Video Editor


It’s a professional movie editing tool that comes packed with several advanced capabilities. Numerous clips could be merged into one file with the program. You can undo the movie to make an intriguing file. Choice such as trimming, splicing, and cropping can be offered. Together with overlay and consequences, the mixing modes of this program permit you to produce some intriguing clips. The free version includes a watermark, and also up the files to 39.8GB may be inserted into your procedures.

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  1. Magisto Video Editor


Blend numerous videos and makeup eye files to five minutes using this flexible video editing program. It’s possible to add colors and text to the movie and include the frames’ text slides. The filters onto the program may be utilized to improve the documents further. A huge library of sound files is encouraged by the program that you may use to add audio for your video files. To appreciate all the features of this program, you have to have a paid subscription.

  1. Quik


This is a sophisticated video editing program that supports merging your multiple movie clips. Create by GoPro, along with the program, includes numerous video customization choices where you can edit the video, add text, music, filters, and proceed for different purposes. The choice for organizing the arrangement of these documents to be merged will also be offered. The program allows creating files that are about 3.19 minutes in duration.

  1. Video Mixer to Blend Videos


It’s a very simple program for combining multiple audio and video files. You’re able to add overlay contours in addition to filters to the movie and add background audio as wanted. In addition, there’s a choice to conserve the continuing project at which you can hold the Job and restart it later as required. Finally, once you sew videos collectively on your iPhone, they may be saved into the device and may also be shared with your loved ones.

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  1. Video Merger – Music Editor Crop


It is a free program that lets combining numerous videos on your own iPhone. With a very simple interface, the program will let you add filters and effects to your file to make an intriguing clip. The choice for incorporating a music file can be available, and you may also change the background color if necessary. The program supports landscape, portrait, and square orientation styles if you would like to combine two different movies. The choice for trimming, reverse, reverse, and other editing programs will also be supported. The merged video could be stored or shared on societal networking platforms.