iPhone 13 camera changes tipped by leaked case design

iPhone 13 camera changes tipped by leaked case design

Apple frequently changes features and specifications for its iPhone models between new generations. One of the immediate confirmations of changes we see comes in various leaks, including leaks from accessory makers that style cases for the Apple devices. Of course, accessory makers don’t ascertain the particular iPhone, but they sometimes have access to devise blanks and detailed dimensions of the new Apple devices.

A new case has leaked claiming to be for the iPhone 13, and it indicates that Apple is changing a number of the size of its future device compared to the prevailing iPhone 12 models. Dimensions of the new case indicate that the iPhone 13 will get slightly thicker than the present generation but will have a smaller notch, and a few of the buttons are moved compared to the current generation devices. One notable change is that the rear of the iPhone 13 may be a larger camera cutout on the rear.

The thicker area on the rear of the iPhone 13 where the camera sensors is housed will reportedly grow from 3.7 centimeters on the current device to four centimeters on the iPhone 13. On the professional models, the camera bump will grow from 3.9 centimeters to 4.57 centimeters. One expected change to the camera area of the new iPhone models is the expectation of Sensor-Shift image stabilization coming to all or any models, not just the professional line.

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Another welcome change rumored to happen maybe a reduction within the size of the hated notch. The notch will reportedly shrink to 2.57 centimeters wide compared to three .45 centimeters wide on current models. As for the thickness, the rumor indicates all iPhone 13 models will be 0.2mm thicker than the outgoing versions.

The extra thickness is claimed to be for a thicker battery required to supply an equivalent runtime for the devices because of their 120-hertz screens. The leaked case design also indicates that the buttons on the edges of the new iPhone models will be repositioned down by 0.25-inch.

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