Nvidia Shows Off GeForce RTX 3060, Expands RTX Arsenal at CES


More RTX, more DLSS, more Reflex! Nvidia follows up a leading 2020, having an all-hands beginning to 2021.

Nvidia introduced a plethora of brand new products and features during its digital CES keynote this season, including a brand new desktop GPU from the business’s growing portfolio of 30 Series cards.

Also available was a new pair of portable 30 Series GPUs, in addition to new tracks from Acer, AOC, and Asus that contain Nvidia’s Reflex Latency Analyzer (RLA), assembled to the aspiring esports expert in all people.

The 329 Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 will use 12GB of all GDDR6 memory, has a 192-bit memory port, and will comprise 13 shader-TFLOPS, 25 RT-TFLOPS, and 101 Tensor-TFLOPS.

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These will be the only supported specs we have seen up to now, even though it makes sense that Nvidia will release additional information regarding the Nvidia RTX 3060 because we plan to launch in late February. However, until then, here’s a brief comparison of how the new card will pile up against the present crop of mid-range choices:

The business also took some time during its CES demonstration to reiterate a few of what we already know, especially since its brand new Reflex attribute was added into more esports-focused gaming tracks from Asus and Acer, due out later this season.

The characteristic is a must-have my novel for anybody who plays aggressive matches on the internet, which is likely why Nvidia made sure to pair the track announcement together with the introduction of Reflex in 2 of those matches that could use it best: Overwatch and Rainbow Six: Siege. (As somebody who has attempted to scale the aggressive ladders of both games, I will take any help I could get!)

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Ultimately, Nvidia talked a little about RTX (it had been an Nvidia demonstration after all), taking good care to mention that 35 titles currently encourage ray-tracing in some capacity and essential games such as Call of Duty: Warzone will possess DLSS added for their war chest of functionality improvements as of the announcement.

Nvidia had a spectacular season in 2020, releasing hit after hit at the 30 Series. We do not anticipate the RTX 3060 to be any different if the trend continues in the way it’s since we reviewed the RTX 3080 Founders Edition.