Google Maps on iOS Is Getting a Dark Mode… Finally

Google Maps on iOS Is Getting a Dark Mode... Finally

Google Maps is finally rolling out a dark mode to its iOS app after the feature has been available on Android a few times.

iOS 13 saw dark mode introduced for apps on iPhones, and since then, most apps have adopted the choice look. Now, Google Maps is finally set to roll out its iOS app after being available on Android devices a few times.

Google Maps Rolling Out Dark Mode to iOS

As noted in a politician blog post on The Keyword, Google Maps is finally set to roll out a dark mode appearance to its iOS app. the design has been available on Android devices for a couple of months now. Therefore the iOS inclusion may be a welcome update.

Google Maps’ theme works a bit like the other dark mode. Originally designed to form apps that work better in the dark, the looks have become a popular style choice for users. Shady methods can help reduce eye strain, save battery life on OLED devices, and a few users prefer the design.

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Unfortunately, Google didn’t give much away on when the update would begin rolling bent users, only that it’ll happen in “the coming weeks”. it is also unclear whether the feature will automatically roll bent your device through Google’s servers, or whether you will need to go into the App Store and update the app.

In the same blog post, Google also introduced a couple of other new features. You’ll now share your live location with Google Maps directly in iMessage, with a replacement Google Maps button within the Messages app. The app also has some new widgets for the house screen to assist you access travel information more quickly.

How to Turn On Dark Mode in Google Maps

As we explained, dark mode is merely coming to the iOS app within the next few weeks. But, Google did provide instructions on turning on the new appearance, and it’s a bit like the Android app.

To turn on dark mode, tap the three-line hamburger icon within the top right-hand corner. Next, tap on the choice for Settings. You will see a replacement option for Dark Mode; tap it, then tap On. Google also explained that there would be a Match Device Theme option. Therefore the app will match your iOS settings if you often change them.

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Google Brings Its iOS App Up to Scratch

With the rollout of dark mode, Google is finally keeping its iOS app up to scratch. While not the main important feature by any means, it’s nice that the theme appearance option is out there to all or any app users.