The NVIDIA Canvas App Turns Your Terrible Doodles Into Lifelike Photos

The NVIDIA Canvas App Turns Your Terrible Doodles Into Lifelike Photos

With NVIDIA Canvas and an RTX GPU, you’ll convert simple artwork into something knowledgeable would be pleased with.

Ever checked out your works of MS Paint art and thought, “I wish this looked a touch more sort of a professional photograph”?

Well, now you’ll, as long as you’ve got NVIDIA’s Canvas app and an RTX GPU.

Make Art Great Again With NVIDIA Canvas

OK, so perhaps your awful MS Paint jobs aren’t deserved any digital artwork of the year awards, but you’ll get them as near as damn it with NVIDIA Canvas.

How so? Well, NVIDIA has just released the Canvas app as a public beta, meaning that you can try it out for yourself.

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According to an NVIDIA blog post, you’ll turn a set of straightforward colored globules into stunning landscapes using the new app.

What Is NVIDIA Canvas, and How Does It Work?

NVIDIA Canvas is an app that forms a part of the powerful NVIDIA Studio suite. It makes use of the brand’s real-time painting tool—GauGAN—to let:

… creators paint by material instead of color, using AI to show brushstrokes into lifelike images… by using deep learning models to show rough sketches into stunning scenes.

As said, it works in real-time. So, as you drop blobs of color into the artwork space on Canvas, a second screen displays your art altogether of its fully rendered glory.

NVIDIA says:

Users start by sketching simple shapes and features with a palette of real-world materials, like grass or clouds. The AI model then immediately fills the screen with show-stopping results. Four quick shapes and a shocking range appear. A couple of more lines produce a gorgeous field.

So, instead of painting landscapes pixel by pixel, you decide on the sort of scenery you would like to color, throw a couple of brush strokes onto the artboard, and Canvas will generate a lifelike work of photorealistic art right beside it.

You can even swap materials, so if you’ve got an ocean scene with crashing waves and rocky outcrops, a fast flick of a switch will turn it into grassy, rolling hills with copses of trees. All with the facility of AI.

How Do You Get the NVIDIA Canvas App?

Getting the app is straightforward. Just head over to the NVIDIA Canvas page and download the beta.

Using it’d not be so simple. you will need a Windows machine (sorry, Mac users) running Windows 10, with one among the subsequent GPUs:

  • GeForce RTX
  • Quadro RTX

If you are doing plow ahead and download the beta, then confirm you are doing your bit and let NVIDIA know what you think, or discover any bugs, over on the NVIDIA forums.

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Get Painting, John Constable!

OK, so Constable didn’t produce photographic images, but he did produce a number of the best landscapes in artistic history. A minimum of with NVIDIA Canvas, your terrible artwork can now look somewhat passable.