Norton Security Settings Won’t Open? Try This

Norton Security Settings Won’t Open? Try This

Here we can see, “Norton Security Settings Won’t Open? Try This”

  • The Norton settings will not open when there are any updates that are stuck or other interferences with your PC configurations, and the Norton settings will not open.
  • This problem may be solved by restarting the computer, which is as straightforward as it sounds.
  • When this problem arises, double-check the computer’s shutdown options.
  • You can also acquire another excellent antivirus program to protect your computer from malware, spyware, and other threats.

Data security should be everyone’s top priority, regardless of whatever version of Windows they’re using.

For example, while Windows Defender is an excellent choice for Windows 10 users, it’s always nice to have a little more help. Using a third-party antivirus program can help you a lot.

Norton is one such antivirus application, and it is one of the most popular antivirus products on the market today. However, some customers have reported that Norton is causing them problems:

Norton 360 is installed on my Windows 10 computer. The options menu will not appear. The 30-day report is beneficial.

Not being able to access the Settings choices, which include the majority of the antivirus’s functionality, can be quite a problem.

That’s why we’ve put up a list of fixes to attempt if your Norton Settings menu isn’t working either.

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How can I get back into the Norton Security Settings?

1. Restart your computer

  1. To access the Start menu, press the Start button.
  2. Select Restart by pressing the Power button.
  3. Wait for the computer to reboot.

This is the first option you should try, especially if you’ve just completed the Norton 360 installation. Regardless of the sort of program, app, or game you install, always restart your PC afterward.

If your Windows 10 machine refuses to shut down, you may have a significant problem. Use the answers from our comprehensive guide to resolving the issue.

2. Disable Windows 10’s Fast Startup

  1. Start typing “run” into the Start box. The Run window will now appear on the screen.
  2. Press Enter after typing control.exe. The Control Panel will be displayed as a result of this action.
  3. Go to the Power Options menu.
  4. Choose what the power buttons do from the drop-down menu.
  5. Change any settings that are presently unavailable by clicking Change.
  6. If the User Account Control windows prompt you, select Yes.
  7. Uncheck the Turn on rapid startup box under Shutdown settings.
  8. Save your changes by clicking the Save button.
  9. Restart the computer.

All Windows systems have the Fast Startup function enabled by default. However, it does not always perform as expected and may cause your computer’s software problems.

If you get a Norton error, a fix in process message displays; follow our complete guide to resolve the problem.

3. Uninstall Norton 360 and reinstall it

  1. The Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool is available for download.
  2. Click Agree after you’ve read the license agreement.
  3. Remove & Reinstall is the option to choose.
  4. Click Continue or Remove to continue (varies depending on the version).
  5. When prompted, select the Restart Now option.
  6. To reinstall Norton, follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. Restart your computer.

Norton Remove and Reinstall is a dedicated tool designed to reinstate Norton antivirus on a Windows 10 PC as simple as possible.

The utility uninstalls Norton first, then installs the most recent version of the software after the computer restarts. The problem can be resolved by reinstalling the antivirus software.

4. Use a reputable third-party antivirus program

Norton provides excellent computer security protection. However, if you keep getting difficulties and problems, you might want to try another top antivirus program.

This program is AI-based, which means it is constantly learning how to provide greater security for your computer. Millions of users have already put their trust in it.

This antivirus program will safeguard your computer and other devices from all forms of malware, ransomware, and other online threats.

Furthermore, thanks to its Gamer Mode, you can play without being bothered by other computer programs or pop-ups.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions:

1. What can I do if Norton settings won’t open?

Restart your computer and try to launch your Norton device security product to resolve the issue. If you’re still having trouble opening Norton, try downloading and running the Norton Remove and Reinstall programme. If you’re having trouble opening Norton Secure VPN on Windows, see How to fix Norton Secure VPN problems.

2. What is the procedure for gaining access to Norton’s settings?

If you get the My Norton window, click Open next to Device Security. Click Settings in the Norton product’s main window. Click Administrative Settings in the Settings window, then see or edit the default settings: To return to the suggested settings, click Use Defaults in the Settings window.

3. What exactly is the situation with Norton Security?

At the NortonLifeLock online store, Norton Security is no longer available for purchase ( NortonLifeLock’s protection has been enhanced, and Norton 360 plans are now available. Secure VPN, PC SafeCam, PC Cloud Backup, and more functions are included in Norton 360.

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