Nokia Tablet might be coming next month


Nokia may need been the king of the mobile market in the past, but its brand never saw an equivalent successor ubiquity within the tablet market. All throughout its tumultuous recent history, there have only been four tablets under its name, including the pocket-size Nokia N800 and N810 “Internet Tablets.” That unlucky history doesn’t seem to possess fazed HMD Global, which has licensed the name for mobile devices. In its forthcoming October event, it’d be unveiling not just a replacement mid-range phone but its first Nokia-branded tablet also.

Even back when Nokia still made its own devices, it barely dabbled in anything larger than a phone, although it did begin with tablet-like handsets just like the odd Nokia 7710. When Microsoft “took over,” it made the Nokia Lumia 2520 one of the few Windows RT tablets ever launched. Its last attempt was the 2015 Nokia N1 above that was an Intel-based Android tablet that appeared to combat the iPad mini.

Now it seems that HMD Global are going to be taking a stab at carving out a reputation for Nokia within the tablet market. The manufacturer just teased its October event, saying that its family keeps on growing. Considering it already has dozens of smartphones, the only way it could grow would be in size.

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Rumors about this Nokia-branded tablet, but there are some whispers here and there a couple of months ago. Allegedly called the Nokia T20, the tablet is believed to sport a ten .36-inch display, 4GB of RAM, and a Unisoc processor. There’ll be only 64GB of hopefully expandable storage, and network connectivity only supports Wi-Fi and 4G.

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Judging by those specs, the Nokia T20 won’t be anything mind-blowing and can presumably target entry-level markets, hopefully with an entry-level tag also. HMD Global’s event is scheduled for October 6, and it’s also expected to announce a replacement 6.8-inch Nokia G50 5G powered by a Snapdragon 480.