Nokia Power Earbuds Lite True Wireless Earphones Review

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite True Wireless Earphones Review

Here we can see, “Nokia Power Earbuds Lite True Wireless Earphones Review”


The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite is the most recent entrant in the cheap wireless (TWS) earbuds marketplace, promising to supply you with fantastic expertise. It depends on the character of the Nokia brand title.

HMD Global has kept things simple with these Nokia earbuds. No headline quality yells in the (figure of speech), which may allow it to be somewhat problematic for your company — so in a crowded marketplace with choices offering a good deal of attributes.

I’ve been using the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite for more than a week, and here is my comprehensive review.



Brand Nokia
Model Power Earbuds Lite True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earphones
Release date 23rd September 2020
Model Number BH-405
Type Earphones
Headphone Type In-Ear
Connectivity True Wireless Stereo (TWS)
Product details
Microphone Yes
Driver Size (mm) 6
Water-Resistant IPX7
Weight With Case (g) 48.4
Connectivity features
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth Version 5
Battery features
Charging Port USB Type-C
Battery Life (Hrs) Earpieces Only 5
Battery Life (Hrs) With Case Total 30
Battery Capacity (mAh) Earpieces 35
Battery Capacity (mAh) Case 600


Nokia Power Earbuds Lite True Wireless Earphones Review

The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite comes with a stem-less in-ear layout with saline ear hints and a fairly sizable body. Even though you have three sizes of ear tips, the entire body of this earbud itself might have been somewhat smaller. The buds are not thick, but the bigger size may not fit all ears comfortably. For the typical individual and people who have bigger ears, these provide a decent-to-great match.

The circumstance is put among the greatest cases we’ve observed at the price point. A crossover involving curved and horizontal borders enables the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite situation to incorporate sleek curves but sit flat on a surface. The case includes a minimum matte black color and a little offset Nokia emblem on the front, which appears quite premium.

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On the rear is a USB-C interface, although the LED signs and charging docks lie indoors. Complementing the build quality of the outside of the scenario, that the hinge is rock solid also. No squeaking sounds and wobbliness here. After charging, the earbuds also fall right into place fairly easily and tightly, and they are also rather simple to pull out if you wish to pop them on your ears.

Build quality and comfort

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite True Wireless Earphones Review

The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite is lightweight regardless of the boxy case, along with the comparatively larger size of these earbuds than other choices such as the Galaxy Buds Professional.

The Nokia earbuds feel light and comfortable; therefore, using them for lengthy periods isn’t a problem. The earbuds also encourage basic performance like play/pause websites using one tap, getting and finishing calls using a dual tap, and bringing up Google Assistant using a very lengthy press.

The case is sturdy as well as the matte black finish gives it an unusual appearance. I do worry, however, that it may get spoiled readily, particularly if you’ve got sweaty palms or greasy skin. Aside from that, however, the situation feels well-built and contains a good click on it once you start and shut it.

Connectivity and features

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite True Wireless Earphones Review

The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite are all simple to join whether you are using one of those buds at one time or even perhaps both. While there is no speedy pairing, connectivity is easier as soon as you have manually paired with the buds into your mobile cell phone. The buds will join with one another and to your phone at the time you’ve put them on your ears. The range is adequate also.

The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite also includes touch-based gestures that work excellent. The signature gestures are extremely sensitive and won’t ever overlook a tap tap. This means you will unintentionally pause the audio, jump to another track or finish your phone if you are employing the buds if lying down.

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A blend of single, triple, and double taps onto the left and buds helps to ensure you could control the volume, pause or play your paths, answer, reject or end calls and jump to the preceding or following track/video. This is fantastic since we frequently discover some earbuds within this section that allow you to control fewer components.

Performance and call quality

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite True Wireless Earphones Review

Sticking to the most significant part of the inspection, the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite gets the work done with no fuss. HMD hasn’t included support for quick pairing, and that means you’ve got to manually go in the Bluetooth settings in your phone when you set the earbuds for your very first time. But after that’s completed, the experience will be easy.

The Nokia earbuds include a 6mm graphene motorist, which can be fairly small compared to this Realme Buds Air 2, along with the OnePlus Buds Z, each of which possesses a 10mm driver. A motorist converts electrical signals into audio. In other words, it generates the noise which you hear.

The distinction is evident whilst listening to songs — although the bass and treble are adequate, the encounter remains poor compared to these Realme and OnePlus earbuds.

The phone quality was adequate, but there was a very good amount of disturbance on the opposing side of this phone in noisy surroundings.

In general, HMD might have done a much better job with those earbuds, particularly whenever there’s a great deal of competition in this price segment.

Battery Life

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite True Wireless Earphones Review

The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite asserts 35 hours of battery life to a single control of their buds along with the instance. In a single sitting, the earbuds themselves may provide around 4.5 to marginally above 5 hours of audio playback, and which is quite excellent. These claims are mostly correct. Let’s note that we billed the earbuds only once through our week-long testing period.

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The situation also protects the earbuds at an adequate rate. A USB-C interface makes it simpler to control the buds along with your mobile charger, even though Nokia has booted in another cable.

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite True Wireless Earphones Price

  • Nokia Power Earbuds Lite True Wireless Earphones Price in USA – $99.99
  • Nokia Power Earbuds Lite True Wireless Earphones Price in India – ₹3,599
  • Nokia Power Earbuds Lite True Wireless Earphones Price in UK – £56.90
  • Nokia Power Earbuds Lite True Wireless Earphones Price in Australia – $130.99
  • Nokia Power Earbuds Lite True Wireless Earphones Price in Canada – CA$115.49

Editor’s rating : 3.5 / 5


  • Useful signature controls

  • IPX7 water resistance

  • Really good battery life

  • Tight bass, sterile audio


  • No complex Bluetooth codec service
  • Match feels a little too cozy.

Final Verdict

The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite is an excellent-looking, great-looking set of authentic wireless earbuds but has left behind from the contest in audio quality. Considering these earbuds are priced slightly higher than OnePlus Buds Z or Realme Buds Air, two causes this point stand out much more.

We see people picking these up buds above others just because of their appearance, battery life, and excellent build quality. These create the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite, a fantastic second set of earphones for folks like me, who utilize another set for sports or even over long biking excursions. But if audio quality alone is the main variable, you might fare better with various other choices within this section.