Razer Productivity line gets a few surprise innovations: Silent clicks and battery options

Razer Productivity line gets a few surprise innovations: Silent clicks and battery options

Razer used to be solely a gaming company, focusing on anything and everything related to the most extreme high-performance gaming peripherals. Now, as we approach the end of 2021, it’s clear that they’re confident enough in their gaming accessory leadership position to spread their wings and embrace the rest of the world of the mouse, keyboard, and mouse mat users and products. As a result, pro Type Ultra, Pro Click Mini, and Pro Glide XXL are three new items added to their Productivity line this week.

The Pro Type Ultra resembles a standard gaming keyboard – or, at the very least, a gaming keyboard from Razer in recent years. However, the Silent mechanical Razer switches make a significant difference (Razer Yellow Mechanical Switches, Linear and Silent). The keys aren’t your typical “clicky” or otherwise loud clackers; instead, they’re designed to be as silent as possible.

The Pro Type Ultra is a wireless keyboard that connects to your computer via Razer HyperSpeed Wireless (2.4GHz), Bluetooth, or the included USB-C cable. There’s a plush leatherette wrist rest on this keyboard, and all of the keys are backlit and have a soft-touch coating.

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The Razer Pro Type Ultra will cost around $160 at launch. At launch, you’ll only be able to get this keyboard in one color: white. Given Razer’s general stance on color options, it wouldn’t be surprising if this keyboard were to be released in multiple iterations in the future.

The group’s mouse is a Razer Pro Click Mini. This mouse is also designed to be quiet; clicking produces a “bump” rather than a “click.” In addition, the scroll wheel on the mouse has a “tactile mode,” a “free-spin mode,” and the ability to tilt-click.

You can connect to this mouse wirelessly in the same way that you can connect to the keyboard. This mouse was given to work with either one or two AA batteries, which was a surprising move. As with any other wireless mouse, you can use two AA batteries. However, you can use the mouse with only one AA battery inserted if you run out of battery power and can only find one AA battery in your junk drawer – strange!

The mouse can connect via Bluetooth or the built-in Razer wireless dongle, supporting the 2.4GHz wireless protocol. You’ll open the mouse’s top, just as you would if you were replacing batteries. A USB dongle is located between the two battery compartments.

The USB dongle can be removed and plugged into your computer or the keyboard connected to it. Razer uses its own Razer Synapse app to set device pairing and make any settings changes as simple as possible.

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The price of this mouse is expected to be around $80. You get a mouse with a maximum sensitivity of 12000 DPI, a top speed of 300 IPS, 35G acceleration, 5 onboard memory profiles, and the ability to save 5 onboard memory profiles for that price.

Then there’s the Razer Pro Glide XXL, which is a massive mouse mat. This mouse mat has a textured micro-weave close surface and is made of high-density rubber foam for “quick, accurate mouse movements.” The Razer Pro Glide XXL measures 37 x 16 inches and is 3mm thick (0.112 inches). The Razer Pro Glide XXL will set you back at around $30.

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