How to: Fix Disney Plus is Not Continuing From Where You Left Off

How to: Fix Disney Plus is Not Continuing From Where You Left Off

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Disney Plus is Not Continuing From Where You Left Off”

Disney+ is available for streaming and is prepared to become a member of your family. You can choose from a sizable collection of Marvel, Disney, Pixar, and National Geographic titles.

Disney Plus entered the fray, increasing the size of the struggle for supremacy in streaming. It was unexpected to find the library without a Continue watching option for tracking progress, given its excellent performance.

Many users reported having trouble signing into their accounts, making payments, or streaming The Mandalorian when Disney Plus first launched. The Continue Watching list was one item that was removed as the company’s initial response to these problems.

This significant flaw dissatisfied subscribers, who then flooded customer service with help requests. Disney Plus doesn’t pick up where you left off with TV and movies, either?

If you stopped viewing a series, you would either have to start it over from the beginning or manually track it down when you stopped. Disney fixed that, so you no longer have to worry about this annoyance.

The ability to monitor your watching progress was finally restored on its platform. To quickly find a movie or TV show to watch later, you only need to know where to look.

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Where is my Continue Watching on Disney Plus?

Continue Watching on Disney Plus

The Continue Watching function makes it easy to quickly return to a movie or show without navigating menus.

The Continue Watching button finally appears as a row on the home screen of the Disney Plus interface. This lists all of the items you’ve lately viewed. On top of that, each show and movie page has a Resume button.

You can use it to quickly resume watching the movie or episode where you last left off. It’s just a matter of waiting if you still can’t see the Continue Watching function on your end. Don’t worry; it’ll probably show up soon.

Disney still needs to fix these flaws, too. Being a newly launched service, there will undoubtedly be bugs and features that operate inconsistently. Despite these minor issues, the feature is designed to function on all platforms.

You may easily restart playback on your connected TV device or PC if you pause your favorite show on a mobile device.

Simply give it a shot and see whether it works, or look more closely at some efficient solutions to playback issues in the browser.

Having said that, the inclusion of a Continue Watching function ought to finally enable you to simply maintain track of the show you were interested in and the precise point at which you left off in a rewatch of one of those incredible TV episodes from your youth.


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User Questions

1. Does Disney Plus remember your last place of action?

A new “continue viewing” function that wasn’t present when the service first launched is now present on Disney+. It enables you to resume watching TV shows and movies where you left off. Without this kind of feature, it can frequently be challenging to locate the precise place where you stopped an episode of a TV show or a movie with an extensive library of information.

2. On Disney+, how can I change my region?

You can access Disney Plus from any nation if your Disney+ subscription is active. To alter your virtual location to the desired place, simply connect to a VPN. After changing your location, you can access Disney+ from any nation in the world.

3. How can I continue using Disney Plus?

The most recently watched options are displayed in a new row that says “Continue Watching” on the main screen of the Disney Plus interface. Users who have previously interrupted viewing can pick up where they left off by clicking the “resume” button on the individual show and movie pages.

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