New Starfield Concept Art Shows City Streets & Alien Landscapes

New Starfield Concept Art Shows City Streets & Alien Landscapes

A new trailer for Starfield has been published, featuring new concept art of metropolitan landscapes and reveals a lot of lore for the game.

The universe of Bethesda’s upcoming RPG, Starfield, is being teased in a new trailer. The latest video, in particular, shows the more urban sections of Starfield, as opposed to the previously displayed array of more fantastical sci-fi planets. Although little is known about the next RPG, as more information becomes available, it appears to be one of Bethesda’s most intriguing projects to date.

Starfield was confirmed as an Xbox exclusive earlier this summer. Because Bethesda was acquired by the platform holder earlier this year, all of its future titles will most likely be exclusive to Xbox and PC. Some PlayStation fans hoped that Starfield would come to the Sony-owned platform at some point, as it was most likely being created for the PS5, but Bethesda and Xbox have already ruled it out.

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A new Starfield teaser, which is unavailable on the Bethesda Softworks YouTube channel, teases more of the RPG’s world-building. The video doesn’t reveal any new gameplay, but it does show off some new concept art that depicts some of the cities that players will visit. Bethesda also showed more extraterrestrial planets, hinting at plenty of interstellar secrets for the upcoming game. According to the creator, Starfield is set 300 years in the future and takes place somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy.

In its RPGs, Bethesda is known for crafting immensely detailed environments. Both Fallout and The Elder Scrolls have developed tremendously different and diverse universes, each with its cast of characters, locales, and history, giving the realms richness. This appears to be the case in Starfield, allowing for a huge sci-fi cosmos to rival Bethesda’s other main games. It’ll probably be some time before fans get a good look at Starfield, but Bethesda isn’t leaving anyone in the dark.

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Since re-revealing the game at E3 this summer, the developer has provided some surface-level details, giving gamers a sense of size. Starfield has thousands of more speech lines than in Fallout 4 and Skyrim, so there will be plenty of tasks and people to interact with around the solar system. The game’s real plot is still a bit of a mystery, and it will most likely remain so until much closer to release. All that is known for now is that players will be travelling the galaxy with many fellow space travellers.

On November 11, 2022, Starfield will be released for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Bethesda Softworks/YouTube