Xbox Website Redesigned With 360 Dashboard Blades For 20th Anniversary

Xbox Website Redesigned With 360 Dashboard Blades For 20th Anniversary

With a nostalgic overhaul of its website modelled on the Xbox 360 blade menu, Microsoft honours the Xbox and its 20-year heritage.

The official Xbox website has been revamped in honour of the brand’s 20th anniversary, and it looks a lot like the original Xbox 360 dashboard. Throughout 2021, the business will be celebrating 20 years of Xbox with events, games, and merchandise, with more said to be on the way.

Throughout its long existence, the Xbox 360 interface has undergone numerous alterations. When the console was first released in 2005, the dashboard consisted solely of the classic blade menu. That changed in 2008 with the “New Xbox Experience,” which included avatars and reorganised the dashboard into multiple tiers. Then came the “Metro” dashboard in 2011, which marked the start of the blocky Xbox dashboards that we know today. Dynamic backdrops are also supported by the Xbox Series X and S, including the new one bundled with the 20th-anniversary controller.

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Microsoft has provided another throwback for the 20th anniversary on the official Xbox site. The standard site design has been changed with a vintage blade menu like the original Xbox 360 dashboard. Links now have a bubbly mid-2000s look to them and run the length of the page. Regrettably, the iconic “whoosh” sound effect has been removed from the revamp.

Of course, Microsoft is well aware that the 20th anniversary of Xbox coincides with the 20th anniversary of Halo. With unique anniversary items and a mural honouring Halo’s past and future, the firm respects the pioneering series. There have been a lot of promotional tie-ins for Halo this year, not only due to its anniversary but also because of Halo Infinite’s upcoming release. This is evident across businesses, with Halo Infinite snacks and drinks now on retail shelves.

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Microsoft is sure to have more to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox and Halo, especially as the year comes to a close. However, because global supply chain problems haven’t improved, finding an authentic Xbox Series X or S is still incredibly tough. Despite this, the corporation appears committed to making 2021 a memorable year for supporters in various ways. Due to popular demand, Microsoft is producing Xbox Series X-themed refrigerators, and preorders will begin next week. Players will have to wait and see what Xbox has planned for the remainder of the year.

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