Navigating Microsoft Teams Will Soon Get a Lot Easier


Microsoft is creating a brand new history feature that allows you to retrace your steps to essential files.

If you are one who continually forgets where files and folders are, Microsoft includes an excellent Teams upgrade only for you. Shortly, Microsoft Teams can allow you to immediately go back and forth during your record background so that you can quickly locate that bit you had been working on.

A New History Menu for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has not created a formal blog post announcing that the attribute, but it’s set a history menu attribute on its Microsoft 365 Roadmap. The roadmap is a superb way to glimpse into Microsoft’s development process and determine exactly what attributes are on the horizon.

The roadmap lately got an upgrade with a characteristic known as “Microsoft Teams: Background Menu” The attribute is currently scheduled for February 2021, and its description is as follows:

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The Background Menu for Teams desktop customers displays your newly visited places when hovering over the backward and forward navigation choices. With the menu, you can instantly jump back to past positions, making it a lot easier to return to nested places such as documents or tabs quickly. The menu can also be available via a keyboard shortcut.

In nature, this new feature will recall all of the documents and files you have seen in Teams. If you would like to revisit a prior record, you can hover across the back button and discover it, somewhat like an internet browser.

Microsoft Teams Is Getting a Productivity Powerhouse

This upgrade is but one of many which Microsoft has declared for Teams lately. It would appear that the provider is moving in dependable with Teams as the present COVID-19 pandemic continues to induce individuals to work at home.

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For example, we recently saw the statement of Outlook emails getting embeddable inside Teams. This means that you no longer have to copy-paste emails into Teams to talk about them. Export the email and speak about it together with your co-workers.

Microsoft is also enabling Teams programs to pop from the primary window. Therefore, if you would like to keep your eyes on a particular program, it is possible to pop it out and set it on another screen without switching between Teams programs.

The attributes above, and this History Mode statement, were made in December 2020. It is apparent that Microsoft is pushing for Teams to develop into a powerful force in the distant working world, both today and after COVID-19 has expired.

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Microsoft Teams Is Getting Lost Files History

If you are somebody who continually forgets where their documents are, you’re going to want to keep your eyes on Microsoft Teams soon.

That is not that’s coming shortly to Microsoft Teams. The plan will also obtain a significant call upgrade soon to make it simpler to call co-workers and buddies.