Windows 11 Will Have Microsoft Teams Built In

Windows 11 Will Have Microsoft Teams Built In

Microsoft’s popular remote communications app is going to be there for you on day one, whether you wish it or not.

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us tons of things, and one among those things is how important it’s to stay connected together with your family and friends regardless of what happens. As such, Microsoft is bringing Teams onto Windows 11 as a core part of the system to assist us in hooking up with each other.

Windows 11 and Microsoft Teams are Teaming Up

Microsoft broke the news during its official Windows 11 reveal. If this reveal is news to you, you owe it to yourself to see out the complete thing, as Microsoft divulges what’s coming to a PC near you soon.

As a part of the array of announcements, Microsoft stated that it might bring Teams into Windows 11 as a part of the core OS. It had been a move the corporate decided to form after seeing how people connected and interacted during the COVID-19 lockdown, and therefore the company makes it easier for people around the world to speak regardless of where they’re.

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Now, once you first get your hands on Windows 11, you’ll notice a touch Teams icon on the taskbar. Clicking this may mention a contacts list from which you’ll call people quickly and.

Microsoft emphasizes that this feature allows you to connect with people instantly, regardless of what OS they’re on. This suggests that it doesn’t matter if they’re on their phone or using macOS; if they have Teams, you’ll hook up with them.

The brief peek we got at Microsoft Teams for Windows 11 shows how you’ll message people and call them from this new widget. As such, it’ll be a handy messaging and file-sharing service for people that are already into Teams.

It makes tons of sense, as Microsoft has been firing on all cylinders with its Teams app in recent months. After the pandemic caused a spike of users to hitch the platform, the corporate has added many exciting features to groups over time.

During the event, Microsoft made no mention of if you’ll disable this integration if you are not a lover of Teams. As such, we’ll need to wait until it’s released to ascertain if there’s a choice to toggle it off.

Windows 11: A New Era for Windows and Teams

As Microsoft begins the big redesign of its famous OS, the corporate has decided to feature features to help Windows 11 adapt to the present day. When Windows 11 does arrive on your PC, do not be surprised if Teams decides to accompany you for the journey.

If you’ve never used Teams before, now’s an honest time to read abreast of what it’s and the way to use it. Who knows; when Windows 11 comes out, it’s going to become your new favorite messaging app!

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