Samsung Joins Epic in Apple Battle Royale


Samsung has seen Epic’s struggle with Apple, joining forces to market Fortnite.

Epic Games appears to possess a brand new wingman, and this time it is Samsung, as the two combine forces to snipe in Apple from the video game industry’s college park.

Samsung Joins Epic at Apple War

The most recent twist at the Epic/Apple saga includes a side serving of Samsung. The Japanese technology giant has combined forces with all the Fortnite founder to kick Apple’s sandcastle over and steal its ice cream.

In a tweet, Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller submitted a maintenance package, seemingly delivered by Epic Games and Samsung, to encourage the Fortnite name.

The maintenance package Seems to include a Fortnite Jacket plus also a Samsung Galaxy S7 tablet computer. Not a bad little haul.

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Epic’s “Free Fortnite” Movement

However, upon closer inspection, this maintenance package is a swipe at Apple, delivered out to influencers and other renowned video game industry figureheads.

The box is immediately identifiable as something closely resembling an Apple device box. The ribbon is quite similar. It’s white and crisp (like an Apple box) using the no cost Fortnite motto on the top along with a silver llama (referencing the Llama Rama Fortnite occasion ) on the medial side.

Within the box are more pliable references to Apple, together with all the NASA Industries bomber coat bearing the Llama in Mac rainbow colors. Together with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is a notice that says:

Fortnite has been appointed the Samsung Galaxy Store Game of the Year for 2020. We have teamed up with Samsung to send you a particular box of #freefortnite gear in celebration. While Fortnite might not now be accessible on the App Store or even Google Play, you may still receive the most recent Fortnite updates straight in the ‌Epic Games‌ program on the Galaxy Store. Spread the word, #freefortnite.

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The Epic/Apple War Rages On

Apple eliminated Fortnite out of the App Store back in August. This was due to Epic Games introducing Fortnite money into the iOS variant, a breach of this App Store rules.

Epic did not take kindly to this, and Epic and Apple are at loggerheads at a public spat, together with Epic/Apple lawsuits popping in Australia and the United States.

Epic is accusing Apple of working anti-competitive clinics and monopolizing its App Store.

Apple is not the sole target from the Epic Games cross-hairs, either. Google can be locked in a legal conflict with the Fortnite founders for precisely the same reason.

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Will the Struggling Between Epic and Apple Ever End?

Right now, it appears unlikely. Epic Games is suing Apple left, right, and center. Whether this spat ever pops up, then all these legal challenges need to observe a settlement first.

In the meantime, there are loads of shot games you can enjoy, whether you are a Fortnite enthusiast (particularly if you’re a Fortnite lover with an Apple apparatus ). In this manner, you know that you can get your gun-totin’ fix everywhere while Epic and Apple take pot-shots at each other.