Microsoft Teams Will Soon Support Anonymous Presenters


It is fantastic news for men and women that wish to maintain their privacy or do not possess a Microsoft account.

While Microsoft Teams does permit a few anonymity, it does not allow someone with no connected Microsoft accounts to execute particular actions.

 Microsoft has verified that they will make it possible for an anonymous individual to present a meeting in the not too distant future.

Microsoft Teams’ Anonymous Presenters

We have seen this attribute statement on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. The Roadmap is your ideal way to remain up-to-date on which Microsoft is working on behind the scenes; for example, we had been tipped off about the newest Microsoft Teams offline message queue in the Roadmap.

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The Roadmap brand new feature is known as “Microsoft Teams: Anonymous Presenter Support for Live Events” and contains got the Feature ID 70559. The description goes as follows:

You will make it possible for an anonymous user that doesn’t possess an [sic] MSA or AAD individuality for a presenter on your live event.

If you’re wondering, an MSA individuality is a Microsoft Account. This account type is precisely what you create if you would like to use Microsoft’s online services, such as Outlook.

An AAD is an Azure Active Directory account and generally appears in business environments.

These accounts types request confidential advice, which some Team’s presenters could be uncomfortable sharing with all the attendees.

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This could be on account of the presenter talking sensitive or private articles they don’t wish to get credited to their title.

Not just that, but this attribute is useful for bringing in people who can’t or hasn’t made an MSA or AAD account. 

These folks currently can’t be encouraged to the presenter degree in a meeting. After this upgrade is published, the sender could join with no funds and place their username for their name to prevent confusion.

It’s going to be a small wait until we see that this helpful feature on our computers, even. Microsoft is now working on it, and it expects it could push it out sometime in March 2021.

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Giving a Voice to the Unknown

Though the attribute is not ready yet, Microsoft is likely to let people without Microsoft, or even Azure accounts provide a meeting. 

This is quite useful for maintaining privacy for the security or enabling someone without accounts to combine in. If you are interested, keep your eyes peeled about March 2021 for a discharge.

If you are one to leap right into a meeting with strangers without even shielding your identity, then you might choose to think about it later on. 

There are many reasons for maintaining your privacy, like preventing personal injury.