OnePlus 8 Pro has X-ray vision camera that can see-through objects


OnePlus 8 Pro has a camera filter capable of seeing through thin black plastic objects as well as black clothing:

Forget X-ray vision, the OnePlus 8 Pro packs a hidden magic act in its camera app: the “Photochrom” filter. It doesn’t grant superpowers, but this mischievous lens lets you peer through some thin black objects like a tech-savvy Houdini.

So, how does this camera conjuring work? Think of it as infrared light’s grand reveal. Invisible to us, this light readily dances with the phone’s sensor. The Photochrom filter amps up this infrared spotlight, translating it into a visible image – like a secret decoder ring for the unseen.

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Hold on, sci-fi fans. Don’t picture yourself strolling down the street, X-raying everyone’s wardrobe like a futuristic Peeping Tom. This “Supersight” only works on thin black plastic – think TV remotes, not walls or, sadly, your best friend’s hidden tattoo.

Tech enthusiasts like Ben Geskin and Unbox Therapy have gleefully turned mundane objects into transparent marvels with this filter. It’s a party trick for sure, but a practical application? Jury’s still out.

For now, the OnePlus 8 Pro‘s “Supersight” remains a fun curiosity, a playful reminder that tech sometimes reveals more than we expect, even if it’s just the inner workings of your remote. So, while you won’t be replacing Superman anytime soon, this “Peek-a-Boo with Plastic” feature adds a touch of whimsy to smartphone photography.

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Beyond the filter:

But the story doesn’t end with cool party tricks. This infrared twist raises some eyebrows about privacy concerns. While seeing through clothing is still a sci-fi trope, the potential to see through thin materials sparks questions.

OnePlus hasn’t officially addressed this “X-ray vision” feature or the infrared sensor’s role in the Photochrom filter. For now, it feels like an accidental magician’s rabbit pulled from the tech hat, one that the company might choose to vanish in future updates.

So, the OnePlus 8 Pro’s “Supersight” is a fascinating glimpse into the possibilities (and potential privacy pitfalls) of tech’s playful side. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most impressive magic tricks come not from capes and masks, but from the hidden light lurking just beyond our vision.

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