Microsoft Still Really Wants You to Upgrade to Windows 10


Though the Windows 10 update strategy expired in 2016, Microsoft remains giving folks on old versions a free pass.

Back when Microsoft provided Windows 7 users a free update to Windows 10, the business was determined that the update window was a limited-time thing. However, a few testing has shown that the software giant remains to hold the door open and to enable people to update at no cost.

Microsoft’s Not-So-Strict Windows 10 Upgrade Service

The testing comes to people from¬†Windows Newest, which researched how simple it’s to update Windows 7 into Windows 10 without spending a cent.

As it happens, Microsoft’s previously-stern renewable energy sources to update or get left behind were not as stringent as we had been lead to believe. If you are running a real copy of Windows 7, then you’re still able to execute the measures to update to Windows 10 at no cost.

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Firstly, these measures do not require doing anything unethical or seeking to fool Microsoft’s systems. If a copy of Windows 7 is valid, you may still bring it up so far –easy as that.

Why Is Microsoft Still Honoring Legitimate Windows 10 Upgrades?

Why is this update still potential decades after? It’s easy to suppose that the software giant forgot to close down the update service following the effort. As it happens, nevertheless, the limited-time update window was merely a marketing push to get people onto¬†Windows 10.

Reddit consumer CokeRobot makes this claim about the SysAdmin subreddit, claiming for an employee from Microsoft. They assert that Microsoft initially wished to keep the offer available to people who’d held a paid Windows license.

The business discovered that computer shops were rolling the clock back on consumer’s computers to deceive the operating system into believing it was still inside the update period. This would allow a person to move around Windows 10 if their copy of Windows 7 has been authorized or not.

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It became evident that when people wanted to receive the free update, they’d get it regardless of what Microsoft did. Therefore, the business left the door open for individuals to update their computers into Windows 10. Years later, they’d allegedly shut it.

CokeRobot goes on to say that Microsoft does not care about free updates now. The software giant has moved away from using Windows 10 because of its principal revenue source and finds other procedures to rake in again.

Thus, next time you find yourself with a Windows 7 device and would like to update it, do not be scared to try out the free route. Though the update campaign finished years before, it is still quietly allowing individuals to upgrade their PCs free of extra price.

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Late to the Party, however There Nevertheless.

When you’ve got an older machine sitting around, and you repent not updating it through the Windows 10 drive, then it’s still possible to bring it up to speed at no cost. As it happens, Microsoft’s update scheme was not as restricted as the firm claimed it had been.

But remember which you will need to execute some vital tasks if you update to Windows 10. Including running Windows Update and catching new drivers on your hardware.

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