Microsoft Reopens Its Xbox Design Lab For Your Custom Controller Needs

Microsoft Reopens Its Xbox Design Lab For Your Custom Controller Needs

Microsoft is launching the doors to the Xbox Design Laboratory once again, giving players the chance to custom design their Xbox collection X controls through official support. This is the first time that the official Xbox Design Lab has surfaced because the brand new Xbox console creation is launching in late 2020 and will welcome brand new game owners.

Xbox Design Lab Reopens for Custom Controller Design

Microsoft shut the Xbox Design Lab for orders before this Xbox Series X and Series S launching in November 2020. The shutdown was almost always momentary, but it’s since late October to restart the custom Xbox control layout support.

The Xbox Design Lab empowers anybody to make a custom color scheme for their brand new Xbox collection X controller. There are 18 colors to pick from, such as Lightning Yellow, Shock Blue, along, with Pulse Red, even though you’re able to customize the human body straight rear, D-pad, bumpers, triggers, thumbsticks, ABXY, View, Menu, and Share switches.

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On the other hand, the ABXY, View, Menu, and Share buttons are not customizable with colors, simply predesigned styles.

If you’d like the greatest in Xbox collection X controller customization, then you can elect for an engraving, like an Xbox Gamertag or differently. The engraving service costs an extra $10 and can be limited to only 16 personalities, which is not all that far.

How Much Can a Custom Xbox Collection X Controller Price?

As you may expect, the Xbox Design Laboratory includes a premium. A routine Xbox collection X|S controller will put you back $60. A customized Xbox Design Lab controller comes at $80 and an additional $10 for your customized engraving service.

That is a substantial increase in cost for a custom control, but worth it if you are on the market for a distinctive piece of gaming gear.

Is Xbox Production Returning to Normal?

Whenever the Xbox Series X and Series S started, the marketplace has been shrouded with hardware production problems. COVID-19, manufacturing flaws, worldwide chip shortages, transport problems, and more importantly, contributed to some very hard markets for gamers only wanting the most recent console.

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Recently, there were indications that the marketplace is starting to thaw. Xbox console sales have started to pick up to more inventory reaches merchants.

This Xbox Design Lab resumption is just another indication that things may be coming back to normal. Formerly, Microsoft could not start the custom Xbox control layout service because of supply constraints for its console packages.

So, even when you’re not on the market for a fashionable custom Xbox control, you may take pleasure in the importance of this Xbox Design Lab throwing open its doors.