Microsoft Releases Fix and Workaround For CHKDSK Bug


Quick response as Microsoft proceeds to squash the CHKDSK bug.

Microsoft has recently released a workaround because of its CHKDSK system usefulness insect, unintentionally introduced as a member of their December 2020 Patch Tuesday updates.

The bug, which may result in a corrupt file system and bluescreen mistakes, was not widespread but had started to cause Windows 10 administrators and users difficulties.

The Windows 10 CHKDSK Bug Work Around

As we mentioned, a recent upgrade to Windows 10 introduced a sudden bug to CHKDSK. The insect could cause a bluescreen error, together with the danger of a corrupt file system.

At the time of reporting, Microsoft was to reply to the error report.

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But, that scenario has changed, with Microsoft releasing a fix to solve the matter. By the Microsoft Support announcement:

People who’ve encountered the CHKDSK issue Ought to Be able to solve any mistakes encountered with the next measures:

  1. Your device will probably enter the Recovery Console after failing to begin on multiple events. From here, choose Advanced Options.
  2. Now, choose Command Prompt in the list of activities.
  3. Once the Command Prompt opens, run chkdsk /f, that’s the CHKDSK repair control.
  4. Permit CHKDSK to complete its scan and fix any files that are corrupted. After the scan finishes, enter the exit.
  5. If your system reboots to the Recovery Console, choose Exit and Continue to Windows 10.
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Windows has released the fix to Windows Update. Therefore Windows 10 must upgrade automatically and solve this situation. If you are desperate to upgrade and take out the bug, then you can restart your system to download the repair quicker, though this isn’t guaranteed to do the job.

Enterprise devises May Utilize a Particular Group Policy.

If you are a Windows network or system administrator, then you can configure and install a distinctive Group Policy to your domains. The exceptional Group Policy can be found on the Microsoft Support website. You can download, install, and configure the unusual Group Policy as you usually would.

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