Microsoft Edge Will Finally Warn You About Closing Multiple Tabs

Microsoft Edge Will Finally Warn You About Closing Multiple Tabs

Microsoft’s new browser lacks a couple of modern-day essentials. However, the software giant is rapidly fixing that.

Microsoft has been adding lots of great and advanced features to its Edge browser, but many of the fundamentals of a modern-day browser are still in the works. Finally, individuals prone to inadvertently closing windows filled will tabs will probably find a warning from Microsoft Edge.

A Much-Needed Replies Coming to Microsoft Edge

While Microsoft has yet to record this new attribute, you can view it in action on theĀ Microsoft Edge Tech Community.

Forum consumer HotCakeX discovered the feature at a recent build of Microsoft Edge Canary. Canary is a unique branch of this Edge browser that is updated daily with attributes developed the day before.

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Therefore, even though it can be buggy, it is a beautiful way to see all of the horizon’s newest features. By way of instance, we spotted Microsoft Edge’s sleeping tabs attribute in the browser’s Canary and Dev builds.

HotCakeX discovered that Microsoft Edge Canary now warns the user if they attempt to shut a window with multiple tabs. The characteristic is concealed behind a flag, which you may find at border://flags/#edge-ask-before-closing-multiple-tabs.

When the flag is enabled, Edge will provide you a pop-up message verifying that you would like to shut the window.

Getting Microsoft Edge Up to Rate

While Microsoft has had lots of success using its new Chromium Edge browser, it still lacks a couple of essential attributes that Chrome and Firefox have. With this new upgrade, yet another critical point arrives at Edge, much to the joy of tab-aholics.

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If you are a fan of utilizing different browser profiles, then you might want to check out Microsoft’s strategies for cross-profile tabs. When it is fully published, this feature will permit you to transfer charges between your various profiles efficiently.