Microsoft Is Rebranding Xbox Live to “Xbox Network”

Microsoft Is Rebranding Xbox Live to

If you have signed in to your Xbox and felt something was incorrect, it was not only you. Microsoft is currently calling its Xbox Live support “Xbox system,” It is just a title change for now.

Microsoft’s Changes to Xbox Live

According to The Verge, Microsoft has rolled out a patch that affects all “Xbox Live” cases into “Xbox network.”

Thus, why did Microsoft create such a second change? A spokesperson for Microsoft made the following announcement for Your Verge:

‘Xbox system’ identifies the inherent Xbox online company, which has been upgraded in the Microsoft Services Agreement. The Xbox Live’s upgrade into the Xbox system is meant to differentiate the underlying support from Xbox Live Gold memberships.

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Therefore, there should be no more prolonged confusion about the difference between Xbox Live and Xbox Live Gold. The Xbox system is your utterly free support which each and each internet Xbox gets, whereas Xbox Live Gold remains the paid choice for playing games online.

A New Name for a Familiar Service

In case your Xbox abruptly begins connecting into the “Xbox system,” do not worry. It is only Microsoft’s new name for Xbox Live to distinguish it much far from the compensated program.

The Xbox Live service has experienced a tumultuous start to 2021 thus far. By way of instance, close to the calendar year’s onset, Microsoft suggested a price increase for Xbox Live Gold to back down onto it a couple of days after.

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