Microsoft Finally Announces the Windows 365 Cloud PC

Microsoft Finally Announces the Windows 365 Cloud PC

Ever since the top of 2020, we’ve had hints, leaks, and teasers that Microsoft was getting to offer a cloud PC service for Windows. Now, the software giant has finally spilled all the beans, and it all came at some point before we expected.

Microsoft Windows 365: A Computer on the web 

Microsoft announced the new service, called “Windows 365,” during its Inspire event. You’ll watch the trailer for Windows 365 on the Microsoft Inspire website, albeit you didn’t attend the most possibility. Microsoft has also released a politician product page on the Windows 365 website.

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What makes Windows 365 so interesting is how easy it’s to attach to it. Some cloud-based PCs require you to download and install special software to look at the PC’s desktop. Windows 365, however, runs right in your browser.

This may not sound particularly huge, but it is a big step for cloud PC enthusiasts. Because it doesn’t require special software to run, you’ll theoretically access Windows 365 on anything with a supported browser thereon. macOS, Android, even a Raspberry Pi; the chances are vast.

Not only that, but Windows 365 will support the brand-new Windows 11. If Windows 11’s system requirements haven’t played nicely together with your PC, this can be an excellent thanks to getting your hands on Microsoft’s newest OS.

This is incredibly excellent news for businesses. Beforehand, if a corporation wanted more PCs to figure with, they’d got to spend a while getting all of them found out. With Windows 365, all they have to try to do now’s prod Microsoft for cloud PCs, and they’ll get as many as they have within minutes.

That’s not to say that Windows 365 is all business, though. Microsoft also wants people to mount and know what it wishes to have a cloud PC. So it’s essentially like owning a second PC, except you’ll access it from anything with a browser and an online connection.

It may not appear to be an enormous deal, but a cloud PC is often really convenient. No more sharing those holiday pictures and videos from a USB stick at your friend’s house; just put them on the cloud PC and log into it on your friend’s big screen to start the presentation.

We don’t know all the delicate workings of Windows 365 just yet, but we know that Microsoft will release the service on August 2, 2021. After that, we’ll need to wait and see what real hardware will be available and how much per month it’ll cost.

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Your Next Windows PC Is Up within the Cloud

Microsoft has been teasing a replacement cloud service for over half a year now, but the corporate has finally delivered. So it’s getting to be an exciting few weeks as we discover what it’ll fancy getting a Windows 11 PC running within the cloud.

If you haven’t kept up-to-date with Windows 11, many good and bad things about it are worth knowing before creating the jump. For instance, fans of Cortana will find the chirpy assistant eerily absent from the subsequent generation of Windows.