Forget the 3DS: The Xbox Game Pass Arrives on the Surface Duo

Forget the 3DS: The Xbox Game Pass Arrives on the Surface Duo

The Surface Duo did not get rave reviews when it came out. However, Microsoft is gradually adding an increasing number of features for its two-screen miracle. Now, apparently from the gloomy, the Redmond firm has other exceptional performance for enjoying Xbox Game Pass matches around the Surface Duo.

The Xbox Game Pass Arrives on the Surface Duo

News on the evolution broke through Tom Warren and also a Senior Editor in The Verge. Warren published a tweet that showed off the Xbox Game Pass conducting onto a Duo.

Though this evolution is an enormous surprise for most Duo owners, Microsoft has consistently said it needed to find the Xbox Game Pass as many devices as you can. It went on record to state that it’d buddy up with Nintendo in case it would.

An Unlikely Duo in Microsoft’s Ecosystem

Historical reviewers of this Surface Duo desired more in the apparatus. Still, not one of these could’ve predicted that Microsoft would include specific functionality to perform with the Xbox Game Pass onto it. Luckily, you are soon going to be in a position to do this with the Duo’s particular display instalment.

In case you are interested in the Duo’s historical inspections, critics slammed the apparatus’s buggy applications, and higher price point, each of that Microsoft has repaired before the Duo’s global launch.


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