Microsoft announces xCloud on Xbox Series X, PC and Apple in 22 countries

Microsoft announces xCloud on Xbox Series X, PC and Apple in 22 countries

[Original]: Microsoft today announced that Xbox Cloud (cloud available for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers Xbox Series xhandjob PC and Apple phones, and tablets) is now available. The tech giant claims gamers can now access hundreds of games from the library via Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Safari browsers on Windows 10 and mobile devices.

“With billions of active Windows 10 PCs and iOS devices, as well as Android phones, we want to give you new opportunities to enjoy the most engaging and deepest games wherever and whenever you want. In a blog post, the company stated that it was bringing the Xbox experience to devices.

The text reminds users that XCloud is still in beta, and they are being encouraged to use the tool to give feedback. The platform promises that it will improve and be supported by more devices. To play, you must have a compatible Bluetooth controller or USB controller.

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We reported that the server update indicated that game streaming used Xbox series X quality for other devices. This means that the game will now have higher graphics, faster load times, and other benefits.

Brazil was not included in the initial list, even though it is now among 22 countries. Hey, voxel – Contacted Brazilian company consulting to confirm the information.

[Atualizacao] – Xbox staff confirmed voxel that Brazil is not among 22 countries that received xCloud today, in Series X, on PC or Apple tablets and phones. The country is still in the beta phase of the service.