How to Change Dhcp lease Time Windows 10

How to Change Dhcp lease Time Windows 10

Here we can see “How to Change Dhcp lease Time Windows 10”

What is DHCP lease duration? Windows 10: How do I change DHCP time? These are the answers to your questions. MiniTool has the solution. MiniTool also offers Windows tips and solutions.

What Is DHCP Lease Time?

Internet Service Provider assigns a lease IP address to your computer. This dynamic IP address is valid for a specific period. Your computer can choose to renew the Lease or obtain a new IP address through the DHCP server after the expiration of the lease period. This is known as DHCP Lease Tim. The default time is generally approximately 1440 minutes or 24 hours.

The computer will automatically renew the Lease after 24 hours and receive a new IP address via the DHCP server. Some people may choose to modify the DHCP lease window Windows 10.

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Do you know how to modify DHCP lease Windows 10? Or how to check DHCP lease on your computer. Continue reading to learn more.

How to Check the DHCP Lease Time Windows 10

This section will demonstrate how to check the DHCP lease window Windows 10.

Here’s the tutorial.

  1. The Command Prompt is Open.
  2. To continue, enter the command ipconfig/all in the Command Line window. Hit Enter to continue.
  3. You will then be able to find the Lease Obtained or Lease Expired.

You can view the lease terms and expiry time from the Command Line window.

You now know how to check the DHCP lease duration of Windows 10. You want to know how to modify the DHCP lease period Windows 10.

2 Ways – How to Change DHCP Lease Time Windows 10

This section will demonstrate how to modify the DHCP lease window 10.

How to Change DHCP Lease Time Windows 10 – Router

We will first show you how to modify DHCP lease Windows 10 via Router.

Here’s the tutorial.

  1. Start a browser on your computer.
  2. Enter the address of your Router. They would generally be and You can find out the IP address of your computer in the post How to Find Your Windows 10 IP Address. Four ways to find your IP address on Windows 10 S/10.
  3. To access router settings, enter the User ID or Password.
  4. Find the LAN in the Router Configuration Page. Then, you’ll see the DHCP Server Module.
  5. Next, you’ll see the DHCP Leased Time. It defaults to 24 hours.
  6. You can then change the DHCP lease term to your liking. Click Save to continue.

Reboot your computer after that. The DHCP lease period of your computer has now changed.

How to Change DHCP Lease Time Windows 10 – DHCP Server

You can change DHCP lease times Windows 10 via Router as well as DHCP Server.

Here’s the tutorial.

  1. Open the Run dialog
  2. Enter dhcpmgmt.msc into the box, and click OK to proceed.
  3. You can open the properties of the DHCP scope that you wish to modify the lease time.
  4. Select the General tab under the Lease Duration for DHCP Clients section.
  5. Enter a new lease period in the Limited field.
  6. Click OK to save your changes.

After you have completed all the steps, restart your computer to verify that the DHCP lease has been renewed.

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Final Words

This post has provided information about the DHCP Lease Time and how to Change in Windows 10. These are the best ways to modify DHCP lease Windows 10. You can also share your ideas in the comments zone if you have other ways to modify DHCP lease times.

Questions from the user:

  1. DHCP Lease Obtained Time is incorrect RRS feed

Although I do not have access to the company DHCP server, we have systems that are failing in their image processing due to IP addresses being lost. Although the DHCP lease period was too short at first, it should still be renewed. An ipconfig/all can show me that the Lease Obtained Time is incorrect for failing systems. It is set in the 1800s, which is over 100 years ago.

Could anyone point me in the right direction to help me troubleshoot why the time lease was granted was set incorrectly? Or why it would have been so long in the past. It’s something I haven’t seen before. Google search and searching on this forum didn’t help.

  1. 5.-10 second IP drop after DHCP lease expiry

My DHCP lease is set to 45 minutes. I cannot change this in my Router’s settings. Every 45 minutes, my internet connection is lost for approximately 5-10 seconds. I tried every possible hardware to reset my Router, but I found older threads with win10 as the issue. You can see the full article here.–us/windows/forum/all/kb4493509–causes-6–second-ip–drop-at–dhcp–lease/0d64c273–a964–49a2-8d18-12f9d04c868a

After one year, I don’t see how an update could be my problem. However, I’d like to know if this problem still exists due to Win updates. Google pings give me “request times out” and “general failure” if the internet is down for about 5-10 seconds.

  1. Incorrect DHCP Lease Obtained After Clock Change RRS Fee

A couple of labs are running dual-boot iMacs. We have noticed an issue with machines losing their internet connection in labs with short DHCP lease terms.

Internet works fine up to the expiration of the Lease. It happens when they switch from OSX to Windows. If this happens, an “ipconfig/all” will show a valid lease expiration. However, the Lease appears to have been obtained in December 1875. After that, Windows stops renewing it, and the connection drops. It can be fixed by releasing/renew.

Dual boot means that the time is 6 hours off when we switch from OS X to Windows. However, DHCP seems to be affected by setting the time back 6 hours during boot. This is due to the different ways OSX and Windows store time. This problem is corrected halfway through boot by apple time service, windows server, or other programs that require accurate time.

It seems that all you need to do to set the clock back to the time the DHCP lease was granted is to manually test it. While the lease expiration is adjusted automatically when you adjust it, the lease time does not.

Do you know of any other way to handle this?

  1. Every hour, DHCP lease expires

I have completed the ISP course, and there seems to be no problem with our computers. Multiple computers in our household are experiencing the same problem, and they all have their modems wired into them. Our internet provider claims that we are getting a 1-hour DHCP lease. I was intrigued to read a post on a Windows update released in April, which was the exact time my problems began. Unfortunately, the update I was referring to did not exist. However, the problem is still present on multiple computers. Our two PCs are running Windows 10, and the one with the problem is running Windows 8.1. Please help me to understand why this is happening.

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  1. Best time to lease DHCP?

I need some guidance on DHCP Leases. When is the best time to do this?

I began my scavenging.

Time to No Refresh – 3 days

Refresh interval – 3 Days

My AD is installed in Windows Server 2012, and I have 500 computers.