lost connection to host pubg

lost connection to host pubg

Here we can see “lost connection to host pubg

PUBG can provide players with a headache or two at the simplest of times. Its most up-to-date issue, which has also cropped up before, is that the lost connection to host message plagues users on PC and Xbox. But what’s to be done about it? Unfortunately, you can’t go all IT Crowd and check out turning it on and off again. There are, however, ways to form your PUBG experience a touch less stressful.

PUBG Lost Connection to Host: What’s the Issue?

Those who have recently downloaded the PUBG Update 14 find that they’re being booted mid-game (or even upon joining a game) back to the lobby and being met with a ‘Lost connection to host 0.7.5 error’ message. Some additional error codes include E34669 and 44A4BE, but there doesn’t appear to be any difference between them in terms of causing the most issue, i.e., not having the ability to hitch a game.

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PUBG Lost Connection to Host: the way to Fix 0.7.5 Error

Bad news: there’s probably not getting to be an outright fix for the lost connection to host error, a minimum of not on your end. the simplest thing to try to do would be to check the official PUBG Help Twitter account for updates and raise a ticket with them to form them conscious of the matter.

PUBG Community Manager Oreoree has addressed your concerns, stating on the PUBG forums that: “We are currently experiencing connection issues which are preventing players from hitching the sport. We are currently performing on this to possess it fixed as soon as possible. We’re very pitying the inconvenience caused.”

PUBG Lost Connection to Host: Other Workarounds

While the PUBG connection issues should be solved momentarily, the simplest thing to undertake would be to try out test servers on PC to ascertain if you’ll enter any of these. Otherwise, expecting a subsequent (minor) patch to repair things on the weekend goes to be your best bet.

User Questions:

1. PUBG ‘Lost connection to Host.’

I’ve been having this problem for the last fortnight approximately. It seems that many people have this problem also, but not as frequently as I’m getting it. I can not play for quite 10 minutes approximately. Then it starts kicking me out every 30 seconds. I’ve searched online for each possible solution; adding inbound and outbound rules, turning off the firewall entirely, updating the Microsoft visual c++, uninstalled and reinstalled the sport twice, uninstalled it completely using CCleaner also. Nothing seems to figure. Has anyone encountered this problem as I do? I do not know what else to try to do and that I am uninterested in it.

2. Lost Connection To Host

Lost Connection To Host from PUBATTLEGROUNDS

3. Any fix for “Lost connection to Host”?

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Any fix for "Lost connection to Host"? from PUBATTLEGROUNDS

4. “Lost Connection to Host” Error – Reports Needed

"Lost Connection to Host" Error – Reports Needed from PUBGXboxOne