gears of war 4 lost connection to host

gears of war 4 lost connection to host

Here we can see “gears of war 4 Lost connection to host

Having Gears of War 4 “Lost Connection” Problems? Here’s the Fix

If you’re one of the variables with problems with the “Lost Connection” error while attempting to hitch games in Gears of War 4, you recognize that this will be an annoying process. Well, Shadow Beast 01 of the Xbox Forums has precisely what you would like.

It’s a rudimentary fix, but if it works, why do you have to worry about it! Here are the instructions from his stickied forum post:

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1. Choose precisely what you would like to try as far as versus or co-op goes.

2. If versus, chose whether you would like it to be ranked or not.

3. Choose “Custom Match.”

4. Fill out the query with the knowledge, so it finds a game you plan to play.

5. When it says “Searching…” or “Refreshing…”, quickly hit the “X” button to refresh again.

6. Once the “X” button has been hit, an inventory of games will show up behind the “Searching…” or “Refreshing…” dialogue.

7. At now, you’ll choose between the list that has appeared behind the dialogue.

8. In most cases, this has worked. If it doesn’t, you’ll have more profound problems.

User Questions:

1. you’ve got a lost reference to the host?

I had an excellent game tonight. I had 11 kills and no deaths on execution. Then all of a sudden, I got kicked out, and it said that I lost the reference to the host. What the f@#$ does that mean? Did I buy booted by the host, or did the host quit? I even have never been madder at a game in my life!!!!!!!!!!

2. “lost connection to host Gears of War 4.”

I purchased a replica of Gears of War 4 yesterday. It took nearly 12 hours to download the “update.” Today, once I began to play the game, I chose “slot 1” for Save Slot. All five slots show “empty slot.” error messages appear as follows:


  • You have been returned to the most menu.
  • You have lost connection to the host.

I see there are numerous posts with an equivalent problem, but I cannot seem to seek out an answer.

3. Troubleshoot Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on Windows 10

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