LG Might Be Giving Up on Smartphones


LG makes many top phones on the current market, but quality does not necessarily mean benefit.

LG has always released a number of those best-reviewed Android mobiles year in, year out. But simply because a telephone receives favorable reviews does not automatically indicate it will generate significant profits for the organization.

That is what is happening with LG since there are many reports on the market that the provider is likely to ditch its smartphone enterprise. It’d be a pity to see LG fall from the company, particularly when it just teased its forthcoming rollable smartphone in CES 2021 and published the wane lately.

Is LG Departing the Smartphone Business?

What began as a rumor in the Korean novel known as the Elec has since snowballed out of control. LG’s Head of Global Corporate Communications, Ken Hong, told XDA Developers the rumor was “definitely false.”

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That appeared to be the ending of things, but reports came out of many additional Korean books the company told workers it would be departing the smartphone company using a memo. Publications like the Bell and New Daily reported that the death, providing it more credence.

From that point, The Korea Herald reported that a memo went out to LG workers that read as follows:

Irrespective of any change in the management of the smartphone company’s performance, the job will be preserved. Therefore there’s no need to stress.

Also, an undercover LG worker told The Korea Herald the following:

Considering that the competition in the worldwide marketplace for mobile devices is becoming fiercer, it’s time for LG to earn challenging decision-making and the ideal option. The business is thinking about all probable steps, such as purchase, withdrawal, and downsizing of the smartphone industry.

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When the memo got out, LG affirmed the notice was valid, but nothing is finalized so far as its potential goes. The simple fact that the business is considering earning is big news, as we do not see substantial players leave the smartphone area too frequently.

Seemingly, LG would not just fall smartphones, however. Instead, News Pim reported a Vietnamese company named VinGroup seems to be considering purchasing its smartphone enterprise.

The Future is Uncertain

The smartphone universe will miss LG in case it chooses to market its smartphone enterprise. Though the company has not published the most well-known phones in the past couple of decades, it’s been a pioneer in innovation with the LG Wing and the coming rollable phone.


Hopefully, the company that decides to shoot over LG’s company keeps working on these devices since they are quite fascinating.