Lenovo K5 Note 4G Phablet Quick Review


The Lenovo K5 Notice Phablet

Lots of the phones I examine come from firms that aren’t very well-known outside of China.

While buying phones from a producer without a retail presence in the nations can help you to get a fantastic deal, it is hard to speak to the firm if you want any guarantee or service with your apparatus.

If you are searching to acquire a whole lot on the phone while handling a business that does business from the countries, the Lenovo K5 Notice is a superb option. Lenovo’s line of ThinkPad laptops is well known for being exceptionally dependable and durable.

Let us see whether their flagship smartphone lives up to the standards they have set.

Lenovo K5 Design

Like most affordable phones made for the Asian marketplace, the Lenovo K5 Notice was created similarly to other rival smartphones in its category.

While Lenovo’s previous phones are entirely plastic, the K5 comes with an aluminum rear.

The curves imply that the telephone is quite comfortable to hold in your hands while remaining durable. The single drawback to this rock-solid construct is that the telephone is sealed, which means you will not have the ability to replace the battery manually.

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Luckily, new Li-ion batteries may last quite a long time, which means you should continue to have the ability to have three years from their telephone.


As for how we utilize smartphones has shifted, Lenovo has decided to have a new strategy with their chipset. The MediaTek Helio P10 chip is new to the current market, and it indeed is a powerhouse.

The CPU has eight cores, a whole 64-bit structure, and works at 1.8GHz.

The 1.8ghz chip may be inferior to a number of the phones with 2.5GHz chips available on the current market, but it is essential to see how these operations so that you may see the advantage of this new platform.

The frequency is merely a measure of how quickly calculations are done, not just how much work could be completed in each calculation. Since the CPU has a massive cache and 64-bit architecture, every calculation it functions completes two times as much work as an easy 2.5ghz user friendly.

Since there are eight individual cores, you can have many programs performing jobs in the background without causing any noticeable lag.

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To improve the functionality, each image calculation is offloaded to a dedicated GPU, the Mali T720. This leaves the CPU free to handle only the desktop calculations, maintaining everything sense snappy.

The telephone has 32gb of storage capability to set up an SD card to 128gb. In the first launch, the telephone just needed a disappointing 2gb of ram, but Lenovo is currently selling a new version of this K5 Note, a valid 3gb installed.


Like Samsung’s notice collection, the Lenovo K5 Note includes a whopping 5.5″ screen. The display is marvelous to utilize and using a 1080p resolution, both text and images are amazingly sharp.

The display does not arrive from edge to border, but the edge around the display is virtually microscopic. The majority of the phones which have a 5.5″ display are markedly more extensive than this version.

This usually means you could enjoy all the advantages of a massive display while still being able to match the phone in your pocket.


The camera at the back of the Lenovo K5 Notice is a typical 13MP model. While images generally came out sharp and clear, I sometimes needed to fiddle with all the exposure a bit.

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The leading camera is imposing, allowing for complete HD video chat, which worked well even in low light.


The Lenovo K5 Note utilizes an entirely standard model of Android 5.1. Many producers prefer to tweak their operating system and launch their variations.

Though this may sometimes lead to hardware-specific functionality gains, you need to update the producer’s program continually.

Considering that Lenovo has contained the standardized launch, your upgrades can be downloaded right from google. This will make sure that long after the phone has been stopped, you will continue to have the ability to use the most recent apps.


Lenovo is a well-respected firm that has a solid history of creating trustworthy products.

Though this phone is priced somewhat higher than a number of the other imported phones, the little increase in price ought to pay off long term.

Users that prefer to update their telephone every six weeks might want to appear elsewhere, but if you’d like your cellphone to last a few years, this is among the safest options available on the market.