Kanye Donda “Stem Player” album revealed with Kano design [UPDATE]

Kanye Donda “Stem Player” album revealed with Kano design [UPDATE]

The next Kanye album was revealed today during a device called the Donda Stem Player. This device may be released without Donda onboard at some point, except, for now, it’s all Donda. The album Donda has been within the works (acknowledged as existing, but not released) by Kanye West since recording started in September of 2018, but in October 2019 through (apparently) the beginning of August 2021. So now the album is about to be released on Apple Music and this new device on August 27, 2021.

The Stem Player was designed by Kano and Kanye West and made by Kano. Kano is usually known for their work on stuff, just like the Kano PC, an easy Windows-based machine made to help kids learn how to use a computer and grow with a computer.

Update: An earlier version of this text suggested Teenage Engineering was involved in this hardware design. Teenage Engineering wasn’t involved in the design of this hardware.

The Stem Player device will have everything of the album Donda onboard when shipped to buyers “this summer.” The device is approximately the dimensions of an adult human palm and forms a music stem accessible by the user. The user will access the software on the device via a webpage on a connected computer.*

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A Stem file may be a music track split into four elements. Generally, these are a bassline stem, melody, drums, and vocals. The Stem format is an open and free file format that anyone will employ without licensing fees. The track elements included within the Donda album won’t necessarily even be free from licensing requirements – but we shall see!

The Donda Stem Player can “customize any song.” Per the discharge for the device, this includes 4-channel lossless audio mixing (with stems), real-time loop and speed control, live samples, one hits, and therefore the ability to save lots of playbacks and share mixes.

The device has tactile effects (lights and haptic feedback), custom colour lighting, and a 97db speaker. There’s a 3.5mm headphone jack on the side, USB-C power and data (with an internal battery to carry a charge for wireless use). the outside is coated with a soft silicone blended skin, with an anti-static, oleophobic coating (that means it resists water, but there’s no claim about the device being entirely waterproof.)

This device has 4 touch-sensitive light sliders – that you’ll see within the preview video below. This device can play both Bluetooth and audio jack audio at an equivalent time, and it supports an entire bunch of various audio formats, including. AIFF, .AIF,FLAC, .M4A, .WAV, .WAVE,AAC, .ALAC, and .MP4.

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*The device also delivers both content and software updates from the user’s connected browser. To access the software on the device, one need only connect the Stem Player to a PC and open an internet browser to the Stem Player website.

The Donda Stem Player will be available for purchase from the website linked above and certain from the most Kanye West homepage – which, at the instant, basically results in an equivalent place. Within the box, you’ll get 1x Stem Player, 1x Carry Case, and 1x USB-C cable. This package will cost you approximately USD 200, and it’ll ship “Summer 2021”.

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